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Red Bull is marching towards world titles, as Christian Horner proves he is hungry for success. This is what you aim for.

The 2022 F1 World Championship is now coming to an end. at home Red Bull There is satisfaction with how it went, with Max Verstappen Ready to celebrate the second world title in a row. The Milton Keynes Laurel Manufacturers lost last year, which they won mercedes After a wonderful year-long battle.

Red Bull RB18 (ANSA)

This season, however, the team Christian Horner You will not miss the title dedicated to “Brands”, considering the huge advantage over Ferrari And the Brackley team. The RB18 in the hands of the Super Max became a war machine over the course of the tournament, after a very complicated start marked by technical issues and less competitiveness than Red.

By working hard, Red Bull has made a difference, as always, in developments and vehicle modernization along the wayuntil it becomes a real torpedo. lighten The RB18 was basic, and it must be said that at this point, one would think that a file Ferrari He was superior only because of the greater weight of the competitors at the start of the tournament.

rare, The Milton Keynes team managed to work Better on your car thanks to a weight loss regimen that has delivered the desired results. and now, Verstappen Coming from five straight victories, it’s an impressive roadmap for the man of the moment, who, given the talent available and the strength of the team, could become a reference point for many years.

Horner and Helmut Marko know all this well, the latter having already stated his desire to celebrate the world championships in Suzuka, at the Japanese Grand Prix, scheduled for October 9. In all likelihood, the Dutchman will close his accounts on the occasion of this race, at home Hondawhich will make the Japanese engineers truly grateful, within a perfect party marking the beginning of a new era of domination.

Red Bull, here are the words of Christian Horner

Christian Horner has been at the helm of Red Bull since the year he entered Formula 1, ie 2005, when Dietrich Mateschitz created the team Came to replace Jaguar. From that moment on, the climb that led to the emergence of the first titles began with Sebastian Vettelto return to the top a few years later Max Verstappen.

In an interview, sheF1- from the inside“, Horner He talked about the current season and the last remaining goals before the end of the tournament, and he proved that he is someone who is never satisfied and always wants to make the most of every situation. Here are the chief’s words Red Bull.

If you think we will be able to open a course similar to the course of Mercedes? Obviously that’s what we want, we’ll try because as a team we always want to be ahead of everyone and win, but I know it’s going to be very difficult. Ferrari is fast and Mercedes is gradually recovering, but we are working very well, and the team has reached a very competitive level. Everything is very open“.

Helmut Marko echoed itMilton Keynes super advisor: “Max has won eleven races so far, but there are still six left. As we know, the record is thirteen and it would be great if we could get at least one more at the end of this season. We would like Also getting 1st and 2nd in the world drivers standings, so far we have never succeeded. I think it will be a huge relief for us.”

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In short, the Milton Keynes team really wants it all, and the RB18 seen in the past few races can give its drivers a good hand. but, Sergio Perez He is having great difficulty, and in Holland and Monza he did not even reach the podium, revealing adaptation problems. For the Anglo-Austrians, it is necessary to restore it.