Hierarchies at Ferrari, Elkann: ‘Leclerc in the starting position’ – Formula 1

“I didn’t sign up to be a pilot.”. It was clear Carlos Sainz Arriving at Ferrari in 2021 in the presence of a driver like Charles Leclerc who ran two races in 2019 to overturn the hierarchies that awarded Sebastian Vettel the rank of captain at Scuderia di Maranello. In 2021, the Spanish driver finished ahead of Charles Leclerc in the drivers’ standings, but in the eyes of Ferrari fans, Leclerc is the clear top driver for the Prancing Horse despite there being no shortage of backing and support towards Carlos Sainz.

That Sainz has the same opportunities as Leclerc inside the Ferrari garage and has been approved this season, which from a strategic point of view for the Spaniard It has not been sacrificed In favor of the Monegasque as happened for example at Monaco and Silverstone, the races in which Leclerc lost positions to Sainz as a result of tactical decisions from the wall which were clearly not intended to punish Charles but to maximize the team’s result by chasing who for example reached Britain Great. The pair under Mattia Binotto’s orders have always shown that they are very close when it comes to introducing each other, a collaboration that is not found, for example, at Red Bull between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

The Dutch and the Mexicans, in a running streak, are no longer helping each other in the playoffs either because Verstappen wants to define the area and keep the captaincy ranks questioned at the start of the season by Sergio Perez. However, the latter never in the race resisted the wall orders that always went in Verstappen’s direction, a delicate hierarchy between Red Bull drivers that allowed Verstappen Don’t miss a single point At a crucial point in the tournament where Iris was far from safe as it now appears.

Ferrari president John Elkann has said he expects to win the drivers’ and constructors’ titles by 2026. In the run-up to the Elkann Drivers’ World Championships pone in first place Charles Leclerceven if there is no lack of appreciation for Carlos Sainz: “I would like to congratulate both of you. They are drivers who participate in the growth of the car and know how to work as a team. As a driving style they have great potential and aggressiveness that sets them apart. Sometimes they push the boundaries but they have made big improvements. I admire their courage, which is a critical component to success in life as well as in sport His words in an interview with him Gazzetta dello sportI think they are great riders and that encourages them to improve even more. I am confident that we will win not only the World Constructors’ Championship, but also the Drivers’ Championship and that Charles Leclerc is in pole position.”

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