His criticism is very harsh

Former Renault team boss Flavio Briatore tore up Scuderia Ferrari. The harsh criticism of Piedmont did not leave us indifferent.

The weekend in Brianza was supposed to be the perfect stage for Charles Leclerc’s return to victory. Ferrari tried everything to bring Monaco back to the top of the podium, two months after its last victory in Formula 1. The first place left fans in gear, given the inevitably supposedly lucky race. After the extraordinary trilogy at Spa and Zandvoort, The world champion had put more pressure on the Maranello team, and showed a clear technical advantage.

Flavio Briatore Charles Leclerc Ferrari (ANSA Pictures)

The Italian team tried a very strict strategy to cheer up the red tide. Crowds returning to the stands at full capacity set a box office record with 337,000 entries over the weekend. Leclerc used the VSC to install a train of yellow vehicles very early on, in order to differentiate the strategy from Verstappen. At that point, the Dutchman, starting from the seventh square, had cleared the way, also because only one SC could have reignited the feud between the two opponents in the 2022 season. RB18 in Brianza soil. Verstappen also had the advantage of not suffering from sudden soft vehicle deterioration, highlighting its ability to manage vehicles.

The Italian team also had the illusion that it could reopen the final competition, following the forced suspension of Daniel Ricciardo McLaren. Charles could have had a surprising success, and so did Sainz with a bronze medal at the expense of Russell, but it all ended in a freeze of positions due to the delay in removing the car in Woking. The race direction also made a mistake in timing the safety car, which should have led the group, out instead of centering in front of George Russell’s Mercedes. Binotto was very upset with the work of the race direction. With this, Leclerc finished second behind Verstappen and ahead of Russell. Instead, Sainz had to settle for fourth, with a massive 14-place pick-up.

Briatore trip to Ferrari

The ranking speaks for itself, and Red will have to watch their shoulders since the arrival of Mercedes, at -35. Team Red Bull Racing is getting closer and closer to the constructors’ world title, having racked up 545 points. An almost unbridgeable gap for Scuderia, stopping at 406 points. Max Verstappen can look everyone down at 335 points, after 11 seasons, ahead of Charles Leclerc, who is back in second at 219. Behind Monaco, in third, is Sergio Perez at 210. George Russell, except for Silverstone where he was forced On retirement he has always finished fifth in the top five over all the other GPs, opening a gap on Lewis Hamilton, who is always sixth with 168 points. In fifth place, but Carlos Sainz with 187 points.

FP.it reports Briatore shares in the reaction of Scuderia and Charles Leclerc. “It’s amazing how Ferrari managed to destroy everything in every race“The former Renault manager thundered.”We all wondered whether or not to stop during VSC. But if we hadn’t gotten into the pits, Verstappen would have done it. While we were in the pit lane, the VSC window closed and we didn’t have the full advantage of the move. After the spa we were very worried, because we were so far away in both qualifying and the race. In PL1 and PL2 at Monza we tried different directions and the start was a surprise and also in the race the speed was much better. Starting at number one, you obviously want to win, so it wasn’t my best day. But it’s not a bad thing to end up on the podiumLeclerc admitted.

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Formula 1, Toto Wolff also contrasts with Binotto: chaos breaks out at Monza. At Monza, Red Bull Racing proved its superiority and probably would have won even with an extra pit stop. Brianza’s very fast circuit adapts directly to the characteristics of the RB18. Max enforced the law, but the trend has been going on for several major races. There are now 5 consecutive wins for Ben Gus for Art. Carlos Sainz was crazy at Monza: there was only one regret left for the Spaniard. Verstappen’s speed appears to be unmatched by anyone, it is certain that strategic errors, drivers’ errors and technical failures of Ferrari gave Max the chance to win his second title already in Singapore.