Horner: ‘Hamilton never recognized Verstappen’ – F1 drivers – F1

Max Verstappen He is making huge strides towards winning his second world title in F1. Red Bull’s standard-bearer, barring the hard-to-predict turbulence, will be able to celebrate victory long before the actual conclusion of the championship. A completely different scenario from the one that the Dutchman had to face in 2021, when the battle was very difficult Lewis Hamilton And Mercedes ran until the last round of the last race of the year. The rivalry that developed between the two champions in that world championship was among the most bitter in the history of Formula 1 and, according to many observers, reached a point where the animosity between the contenders crossed the boundaries of circuits, leading to an undisguised mutual hatred.

The Red Bull team manager also intervened in the matter, Christian Horner, who spoke about this during a long interview with the official F1 podcast. program guest Beyond the net Milton Keynes’ number one confirmed how, according to him, Verstappen managed to get into Hamilton’s mindThis puts the English language in a difficult situation. “What if they bumped into each other’s heads? I think maybe it was Max that got in the head of Lewis. Hamilton was the seven-time champion and suddenly he had everything to lose. Max was the kid who took all the risks and tried it all and had nothing to lose. Some were His passing last year is amazing. And you can see how these things are starting to make Lewis nervous.”.

Then Horner also touched on the sensitive topic of British Grand Prix 2021the infamous first crash among the title contenders. “After Lewis qualified first at Silverstone and Max won the Sprint You can see that Louis was broken. And if Max could get past Cobbs (in Sunday’s race), I don’t think he would have seen him again that afternoon. The rivalry affected Lewis more than Max, because Max had everything to gain in this situation‘, announced the head of the Red Bull House.

Finally, the first-place finisher in Milton Keynes compared the rivalry between Verstappen and Hamilton with that of the orange this year with Charles Leclerc. The relationship between the two talents born in 1997 is clearly different when compared to what the No. 1 player had and had with the Englishman and according to Horner, there is a specific reason for this. “There is a difference, maybe there is a different respect with Charles – Horner’s highlights – The two had been racing against each other since they were kids and there was mutual respect. But I’ve never heard Louis admit to Max’s abilities. So, of course, there was more tension and you could feel it between these two riders.”.

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