How to become a Formula 1 driver?

Milan – 8/31/2022. Become a Formula 1 driver It is the dream of many children and teenagers. Very few, however, succeed. With the help of experts from We have tried to outline the main steps to be taken to quell this ambition Leclerc e Verstappen At the next Grand Prix!

Sports driving: buggies are a good starting point

The first step we recommend you to start your racing career Formula 1 Learning to drive sporty: Nothing is better than buying a car Card And attend a track where you can learn to ride on tracks from an early age.

While it is certainly advisable to start from a young age, it is never too late to break the lag and experience the thrill of high speed driving. From this moment on, it is necessary to remember one thing: to nurture your passion as a Formula 1 driver, you need to allocate a non-marginal budget for this activity, bearing in mind that the costs of this discipline can be very significant from the very beginning months of practice.

Switch to training modes

If you demonstrate a good familiarity with gigs, you may consider taking the next natural step and participating in Training formulas: We’re mainly talking about GP3, GP2, F3, World Series and other fairly restricted competitions that are often real test beds.

Indeed, within these competitions there are many observers who wander in search of new talents. Winning races or positioning well means being able to enjoy the vision that can make all the difference in making a good career as an F1 driver.

It is the path parallel to the path of training competitions that can lead you to it academy. All major teams (and even some minor teams) have specific programs to develop new talent in order to train their next drivers at home.

What license do you need to drive in Formula 1?

To get the green light for Driving in Formula 1 It is of course essential to have sufficient sports driving licenses.

In Italy Aci Sport license For example, it is allowed to participate in competitive races. Once you have this license, you must obtain an additional license (the so-called premium licence) which is the only eligible title that allows you to drive a single-seater vehicle.

Is it worth becoming a Formula 1 driver?

In the margins of this brief study on how to become a Formula 1 driver, it may be legitimate to ask whether or not this is a viable career.

To answer this question, we can only stress how difficult it is to become a Formula 1 driver. On the other hand, there are only 20 slots available to grab (worldwide!) and the careers of those who have managed to become an integral part of the most famous racing stables on the planet often last.

In short, for almost everyone, becoming a Formula 1 driver remains a fun utopia.

But is it better to just give up and throw in the towel? In fact, if your passion is to drive a single-seater car, nothing is stopping you from pursuing that goal to the end, but keep these little tips in mind.

It is better to start at an early age

Most of the riders that made it to the top level started young. So, The earlier you start with gigs, the better.

Watch out for expenses

As we already mentioned a few lines ago, the profession of a Formula 1 driver is very expensiveEspecially in the beginning. So it is necessary to keep in mind that buying a card has costs, and that even rentals can reach big numbers quickly.

Take advantage of every opportunity

Participation in sports competitions requires concentration and maximum attention. More pressure can be exerted by knowing that watching the races is Team Watchers: Another reason to give your best in order to stand out from the fierce competition.

Academies are a special way

Making your way into the world of sports car racing to the sound of victories is a pass to the next levels, but entry to academy It is often a faster way to achieve your dream.

Prepare the bag

Promising drivers participate in international competitions and learning paths. So it’s better to prepare for one Career with a bag in hand!

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