I feel how F1 wants to change

The F1 GP format is spot on again. In particular, Bottas made a proposal directly to CEO Domenicali.

If porpoise hunting from an artistic point of view is the most popular aspect of 2022 in the circus, then the submerged calendar was so from a human and logistical point of view. Having more than 22 grand prix in a season means employees who follow the caravan are obligated to stay away from home for an extended period, with obvious and reasonable consequences.

Valtteri Bottas (LaPresse Photo)

On more than one occasion, the same pilots revealed themselves to the cameras and took crew members under physical and emotional stress. And even a mechanic a few months ago wanted to share with the press the critical situation in which many colleagues find themselves, precisely because of unsustainable work rhythms.

A worrying trend that could worsen if the league’s top leaders continue to increase the number of scheduled appointments. Recently, the shepherd Stefano Domenicali said that he will not exceed 24 years old, but doubts about the correctness of his words remain.

This year, in an effort to meet certain needs, it was decided to cancel Thursday to allocate it to the media, and move everything to Friday morning. But even here, the goal failed. Loads remained high, if not higher. The reason for the decision to return.

Bottas has an idea of ​​the future

If that wasn’t enough, F1 is running trials with the Sprint Race, a small 100km race that takes place on Saturday afternoon and is valid for arranging the start of the pivotal event.

At the moment, there are three circuits affected by this test, but soon it could become more, in the wake of what was outlined by MotoGP, immediately more radical.

About it, it’s always hot, express himself Valtteri BottasConvinced that adding a GP isn’t enough to spice up weekendsWhether it is long or short. Which, by the way, represents an additional cost and a greater risk of accidents.

In my opinion, there is no need to increase the number of temperatures, we just need to do less free practiceHe told gpfans.com, he’s convinced that shooting for 180 minutes of pure exercise brings nothing in the way of entertainment. Proof of this is that the track stands are often almost deserted on the first day.

Obviously, if you ask me what I prefer, I will choose the new format because the playoffs are already played on Friday afternoon.‘He was sentenced to release a motion. We’ll see if he gets caught. That’s by saying Reduce event timing.

The presence of FP2 on Saturday morning creates confusion about Sprint’s schedule. A turn misunderstood by anyone for its uselessness as the setting could no longer be touched after qualifying.

We haven’t discussed that yet. But in fact it isHe has number 77.The system as it is currently defined gives us the opportunity to take long rides, but do not change the setting. That’s why I think there should only be two days“.

However, the convenience of the rink does not match the needs of promoters and related industries, including hotels, restaurants, etc.

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If there are three days there will be a reason. Personally, I will focus on one free trial, maybe Friday evening‘, release the hook for sport tomorrow.