“I think the United States is also not happy to confront us.” [VIDEO]

Ymir (SVE) b. J. Sinner (ITA) 6-4 3-6 6-3

It’s not going well, after the great success it had BeretiniAnd the The match (albeit useless for qualifying purposes) that closes Group A in Bologna against Sweden. In the challenge between 1, us Yannick SenerAnd the Unrecognizable in large parts, loathsome, impatient, even nervous, in fact he lost nearly 2 hours 30 against the brighter version of the other Ymir brothers, Mikael.. A long, well-balanced game yes, but certainly not spectacular, with so many bugs and moments that really should be forgotten, that Sinner better erased from his memory. A belly full of certainty may have taken precedence over the performance of South Tyrol, who never pushed his hand to the limit, against an opponent who was instead well-meaning to make the best of characters to receive the Davis Cup, after a week in which he often played at excellent levels.

Match – A great start for Sinner, who immediately snatches serve from Ymer, keeps the pace very high from the bottom relative to the other, and also appears to be very proactive. However, Jannik is unable to confirm the outage, with a service showing late, and some too many errors, which allow the Swede to make up for it right away. The difficulty continues to hit in this somewhat awkward start, with new breaks in favor of both, and the Swede taking the lead (after a disaster for Blue in the fourth inning) but promptly responding with other blunders in the next game. The unforgettable first set continues on this lackluster play streak, with more picks and fouls than winners, with something to remember only in match eight, as Yannick finds his columns to clear three points for a break (a good hand). Swede), but he granted it. Ultimately it is Sweden that will lead, with Ymer nearing the end 6-4, with the third break in the afternoon, a very complicated first set for Sinner, especially at bats, but overall he didn’t see Jank play. Forget it, and its design does not appear. So the opponent is very good at exploiting the Italian border to enter and break through on occasionsmake fewer mistakes and try to pressure the 1 seed in Italy.

The second set starts much better for Sener, who, although not much improved in terms of play, managed to retake the break in the third, with a big hand from Ymir, who missed two successive times at 40-40, he continues as well. In his game that is far from perfect. The group develops along the lines of what has been seen so far, with neither player being able to find real brilliance over the other, but Yannick grabs some rhythm and determination in response, cuts the field as he knows too much and climbs up really well. The ball, with its objectively impossible rhythm on the Swede who actually collapses twice after the seventh game. He failed to close Sinner in the service, as he underwent (or rather, gave) the first break of the second set, almost reviving Ymer, who continued to make many mistakes from him, showed himself almost contracted a bit, and then succumbed under a blow. Yannick’s Tail Real, who goes to take the second set 6-3, forcing the decisive setwhere he must raise the level a bit and reduce errors to win.

The decisive set smiles initially for Sweden, prompting an immediate break, again due to Sinner’s errors, but only partially, given an excellent match played from below and in an offensive direction by Ymer. However, the serve still proves to be the Achilles heel of both, with the Swede feeling some tension right away and immediately conceding the counter-breaker to the Italian, who in turn plays better in response matches, and pushes. It often looks like a certain rush in the shots, the real problem today. And it’s no surprise that in the fifth inning the Swede returned to the break advantage, once again thanks to a blank pass out of the blue, very nervous, and certainly dangerous as a result. The eighth game of the third set, the most beautiful tennis match I’ve seen, may be a heavy crossroads, because Sinner, at his best at last, is meticulous and resolute (at least until the closing moment), squandering well 5 chances. counter fracture. To highlight, however, the cold-blooded reaction Ymer gave to stay ahead, going to play the game in response with a light heart and a loose arm. Indeed, the ninth match will be crucial for the Swede, who finds in the final his best tennis, that he will even conclude with an outright winning answer, receiving this Davis Cup in singles with a very high header and holding it to a decisive double. (Only whoever will win this match, without thinking about the qualification letter.)