In F1 they are all angry

Red Bull Racing Council member Helmut Marko, despite winning the Grand Prix, is unhappy with the direction of the race. Binotto raised his voice.

The victory of world champion Max Verstappen did not calm the spirits of his team. Once again, I went on to luxury with the Austrian national team, in diametrically opposed situations but with equally obvious faults. In Abu Dhabi, it was Michael Massey who made a huge mistake in trying his best not to finish the race behind the safety car. In this case, the Australian race director only split the cars that separated Hamilton from Verstappen.

Mattia Binotto Helmut Marko (Ansa Pictures)

Sure, the Anglo-Caribbean World Championship was close at hand, but Nicholas Latifi’s sudden collapse in front of the Arab hurdles changed the story of an uncertain world championship all season. Max got into the pits to install a set of new soft tyres, while #44 remained on the worn vehicles and couldn’t defend himself from Verstappen’s attacks on the last lap. In this case he yelled at the scandal, and after death threats and constant clashes, Michael Massey was fired as race director. Niels Wittich appointed as new F1 race director, Alternating with Eduardo Freitas. The latter worked in motorsports as a mechanictrack commissioner, track secretary, race director and race director for individual seats, car tours and endurance races, notably as race director for the FIA ​​WEC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans Series, ELMS – European Le Mans Series and Asian Le Mans Series for 20 years.

On the other hand, Wittich made his bones as race director for the DTM series and from the Formula E Championship. F1 has not relied on novice directors. F1 is the number one category in motorsport, and of course the pressure is much higher. At Monza, after the technical failure of Ricciardo’s McLaren, management delayed too long to allow the safety car to slip out of front of the wrong car. The safety car should have positioned itself in front of the race leader, Max Verstappen. The HC exited the pit lane at the wrong time, dodging in front of a Mercedes W13 driven by George Russell. At that point, operations on the track to remove MCL36 expanded significantly, until the challenge under the checkered flag was completed. Montezemolo paves the way for Ferrari: that’s what Binotto should do.

Binotto in chorus with Marko, confusion still reigns in F1

A challenge like Monza deserved a completely different ending, what we saw in the last laps is not only a beautiful page in the history of the Formula 1 book. Mercedes championed the racing direction work, but also the image of a crane in the face of traffic on the track, with cars a few meters away, brought back memories bad. In the past, a lot could be said and done, but today motorsports has changed and we need to take a clear direction that leaves no further doubts. Max Verstappen said he might have won anywayBut the fact remains that the fight had to happen in the last laps and anything could have happened. Leclerc applauds Ferrari: There was a reaction, but the disappointment lingers.

Charles Leclerc’s disappointment is that of everyone in Ferrari who believed in the possibility of celebrating victory or at least fighting for it, right down to the last corner. However, their overcoming is again Max Verstappen with the fifth success in a row. The Dutch Bull and Milton Keynes now have a world championship in their pocket. Already in Singapore Max can be crowned a champion. Ferrari criticized the race management’s decision to end the race behind the safety car. Mattia Binotto, on microphones, from the sky thundered: “The FIA ​​was sleeping. So far, I’m still unable to perform this kind of operation. They have changed their face, but in certain decisions they are very careful and slow: Formula 1 needs other equipment, and races must be raced on the track and not behind a safety car.“.

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As Helmut Marko expressed himself at this point, realizing the wrong direction of the race: “It certainly wasn’t the right decision – explained the RB consultant – I think the safety car is placed in front of the wrong driver.” Marko also stressed the inadequacy of the new rule that mandates slow doubling for all cars behind the HC. “Would we be deprived? Yes, but we must put sports first. Obviously, as long as there’s a tractor on the track, it won’t be possible (restart the race, editor), but they have to work faster. There was enough timeHelmut Marko concluded.