Inter Milan New San Siro construction dates: operating from 2024 to 2030. Receipts of 120 million per season | first page

Public debate on the new San Siro project is underwayThen In recent days, Inter and Milan have presented an update of the “Technical Feasibility Study”where they also give an estimate regarding the construction of the new plant and the multi-purpose sector to be established.

times -. As I mentioned football and finance, Who has seen the official documents? “For completion of all work, timing was estimated at 80 months (2,403 consecutive calendar days). The start date of the works was supposed to be January 1, 2024, in order to ensure that the Patroclus Tunnel would open to traffic for the 2026 Winter Olympics, and free local surface roads from the flow of traffic.”. but, To meet these deadlines The licensing process ends by 2023.

All dates – here are the key dates:

– Start of business: January 1, 2024;
– Environmental activities of the soil, subsoil and rubble disposal: from January 21, 2024 to August 7, 2028 (1,660 days);
Phase 1: from January 1, 2024 to November 18, 2027 (1417 days);
Phase 2: from September 13, 2027 to July 31, 2030 (1,053 days);
Completion of works: July 31, 2030 (a total of 2403 days as of January 1, 2024).

Income – Inter and Milan expect to collect €120m per season from the new stadium e Football and finance Tracks all possible revenue for the stadiums segment and the multipurpose segment. These are the details:

Stadium sector numbers

From the stadiums segment, these items and related revenue are:

Naming rights – 17,880,000 euros
Other sponsors – 9,000,000 €
Parking – 1,000,000 euros
Perks / merchandise (net) – 5,500,000 euros
Tour / Museum – 18,129,000 euros
Tourist visits – 12 million euros
Corporate events / concerts – 11,400,000 euros
Bar / restaurant / catering – 5,209,183 euros
Total annual revenue – €80,118,183

multipurpose sector numbers

Switching instead to the multi-purpose sector, the numbers have been lowered compared to the original values ​​taking into account lower available quantities (the effect of the reduction of the construction index) and “normalized” to account for the “reversal” of prices from the increase in construction costs. These are the items and related revenue that have been considered:

Revenue of the conference center – 910,066 euros
Offices – 8,861,625 euros
Parking for offices – 419,813 euros
Retail car park – €6884,904
Leisure and leisure activities (including commercial activities) – 23,208,092 EUR
Total annual revenue – 40,284,500 euros

The sum of these two segments amounts to €120.4 million in additional revenue, a figure that Milan and Inter estimate will reach in 2030, when the work of the multi-purpose segment will also be completed. In fact, it is expected to start at a minimum of 40.2 million in 2025 (from the stadium alone) and grow in the following years until it reaches full capacity in 2030.

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