“It was impossible to refuse, Pisa for me is like Real Madrid”

From the press room of the Arena Garibaldi, (re)new coach Luca D’Angelo was presented to reporters. With him is General Manager Giovanni Corrado and Sports Director Claudio Chiellini.

Corrado: “I take this opportunity to welcome Luca and I don’t say it by chance. We talked this summer for a long time. It’s been an intense four years and yet, after the emotions we finally had, we looked each other in the face and told ourselves to take a break.” We have started a new path, but football does not wait and this new path has not paid off. This is not possible and fate will remain free. We chose to start a new path together because we chose each other again. Luca was never a prisoner of Pisa. Commitments and contracts are valid and only count. If there is passion and passion.Maybe he was a prisoner of feelings but from 1st of July he could choose another team.At that moment he didn’t find a chance to satisfy him and on the other hand on Sunday, when we talked, we made a decision and talked for a long time and there may be circumstances to start a path New together.Luca signed a new contract with us for two years, he is not the coach of Pisa because he had an existing contract, but it should not be a road connected to the confrontation, but a new path. I want to thank Maran, but they are not adverbial phrases. Anyone who started a path after a final like What happened on May 29th would have been delayed a month. The result was not to change fate. It started a difficult road, and unfortunately we did not allow ourselves to be affected by external factors. We realized that the path had slowed, despite the human and professional memory that made us grow. There were some difficulties that we were afraid of not being able to overcome, but I really thank him. In Gucher, the rules do not allow Gucher to be combined, so even if there is a will, there is no possibility, we built a team by thinking, Robert preferred to turn down some offers, we like him from a human point of view, but we made other choices in team building. Torregrossa? We are optimistic about his invitation in Perugia.”

Kellini: “I would like to thank Maran and his staff for the work done in recent months. A task that was done very professionally which brought us improvements both on and off the field, as a club, also from an organizational point of view. Unfortunately, the results did not help and did not allow us to give him the extra time he needed, But at the same time I am happy to welcome Luca again, someone we all respect and I’m sure is right someone to train Pisa. At this time there is no need or idea to resort to unencumbered. Two years ago we had changed more than this year. 12 Purchased A player this year and at the moment the squad is complete.”

D’Angelo: “I am very happy to be here, to take over the team together with the staff and managers, because for me Pisa is as worthy as Real Madrid and if you call Pisa you can’t, in the absolute maximum way, say say no. Only those who sat on the bench on Head of a team like this they can understand. It may be overkill for some, for me no, I take it for granted for what I’ve experienced. I was a little detached, especially in the beginning, but not because I had any problems, but only because I needed to rest. Maybe They felt this tired in June. I watched and scored matches, only the ones I didn’t see with the Citadel. From the second on, I looked at them all. Deferred, because I was going to the beach. In some circumstances, the team collected less than it deserved. About being hard work, Sure, but it was anyway. Unexpected obstacles always have to be put in, football is like that. The players and we all know what the position is, we can’t say we’re definitely going to the first division, we have to be realistic. We have to think about a match One at a time, we try to be annoying to everyone. There are all circumstances to meet I’ve done things well, first of all, and that’s because of Maran, the team has worked really well. The coach’s work was positive, he is the coach of Serie A, but he also, as he knows better than me, knows that there are special circumstances. Miracles are not needed, the team is physically ready and well-equipped at the working level. They are young people who do not skimp on commitments at work. The team is valid in all components, both for players who remained from last year, and for those who were bought, certainly functional. It’s quite obvious that someone is late and should hurry up. Example: Last year Hermansson, who was more Italian than me a week or ten days later, took us on his strengths and weaknesses. The players will probably be suffering more this year, but there is no doubting the individual quality of the players and the fact that several of them are in the national team attests to that. Whoever will appear to me from Monday to be better will be chosen as always. To make it clear what kind of league they are in, they should play and not look from the outside. Players who are back, I hope they come back charged. It was very exciting, I had not seen coaches and players for a few months. The motto in the team is obviously the players, but also warehouse workers and those working behind the scenes are equally important. There will likely be some change from what you are used to. The players are particularly arriving in attack and have very specific and different characteristics. A good coach adapts his ideas to the characteristics of his players. This year we have technically strong players, and the club has provided Morutans, Tramoni, technical players or gliozzi. I’m happy with Gliozzi, firstly because he is a strong player, and the numbers show that, and secondly because he scored our goal too and I won’t face him. I have been delighted with the applications you have placed, all very strong companies from a human and professional point of view. The boss, as he has always been in recent years, has always been very affectionate towards me. We talked a lot, talked about cinema. Yesterday we said goodbye. The boss is the person from whom you always have to steal what he has to say. You can see that he is a great manager and the management pills he gives me are always very helpful. I think it is essential that we play as a team, that we must be able, according to what our ideas are, to organize the team in a certain way, and try to give subtle, but sometimes boring, signals about certain things. This summer Patro n Naster sent me a beautiful message, these days he sends me an equally beautiful message. To me, Pisa is everything, even criticism is easily accepted. I scored until 2024. As Giovanni previously said, it’s not fair to make comparisons, but even to keep white gloves of gratitude. Our players need support because they are good people and suffer in the situation they are in. I’m sure many of them will give up some money to get out of it. I also speak of Senators de Vitesse, Caracciolo and Masucci. Can this team play for the three-man defense? Of course, but it can play with any unit. Similarities with the difficulties of two years? This team has arrived in the league not very well prepared from a mental point of view and maybe we felt very good, but they are completely different situations. Training sessions are open, but improvement is more specific, but there may be some hacks. During the week, we invite the fans to come to San Piero Grado, but for me there is no problem.”