Italy-England 1-0 in the Nations League: Sahar Rasbadori decides

A superb right-footed No. 10 in the second half gives Italy 1-0 over England, who are relegated to League B. If they beat Hungary on Monday, Mancini’s national team will go to the semi-finals.

We don’t have a striker position like Kane or Premier League strength, we have less talent than the English but we have a national team. Not as bright and fun as in the good times, but just over a year into the European final, we’re still beating England and staying in contention for the top spot in the Nations League. We have to go and win in Hungary. On the other hand, Southgate’s national team is mathematically undefeated: a huge waste of talent. Raspadori decides who honors the ten with a Mancini goal.

first half

Blue Start is vibrant and promising and seems to be effective as well. Demarco is not afraid in front of James and draws an English cross, Skamaka – whom the Englishman learns at West Ham – slams into the far corner on the shoulders of Maguire: Bob, a key player in the virtual teams in FIFA 21 but little in “England repays Southgate’s choice of interception in some way. The occasion stimulated her , Scamaca tries again immediately from the outside – diagonally wide – but here the initial electrical discharge ends.Italy begins slow possession of the ball from behind, complicated by the dominance of Foden, Kane and Sterling teaming up with three pivotal Italian players, Jorginho not quick to distribute and Barilla not Inspirational.So every vertical is coming out in the last third of the English, the Desert Blues.England doesn’t do much more than that.Southgate chose 3-4-2-1, with James and Saka out, but also the Three Lions maneuver dry. As if the many souls in the team didn’t talk to each other: Walker and Foden from City under James Chelsea and Bellingham from Dortmund, Kane without quick transfers lives at Tottenham with Conte. The bottom two chips, it’s slow and finds few ports. He only manages to shine when backing Foden to tie a tie, but Bellingham Nannies, on the other hand, Sterling is weak and Saka still fears Chiellini’s ghost holding him back. Shiloh is gone, but Bonucci is still watching Kane. The England striker only comes out in the 42nd minute, when in the second half he runs 50 meters with the ball and chain, aiming at the goal but not framing it with his right foot from the outside.

the other half

Recovery is another thing. This time, it will be preserved. The usual Demarco, shinier than his blond hair, stays longer, and on a Raspadori play change he proposes the occasional introduction of Cristante, which Dyer eventually predicts. Rhythms rise, transitions get faster, and Bonucci continues to watch Kane’s descent. But Italy is growing, as evidenced by the vertical combination of Bonucci and Raspadori at home to Dimarco with a low cross to Barilla who did not frame the goal in the split. Inter is not a genius, Mancio decided to remove and, somewhat surprisingly, Scamaca, for Boubiga and Gonto. Little guys attack, doesn’t sound like a great idea, but it works. Because in this way Italy was able to take the English giants by the wayside. 23rd minute forward: Bonucci’s throw-in, Raspadori honors his coach’s ten with a grandiose connection, then points to Walker—who has the guardian’s fault in controlling him for one meter—and slides to the far post. And then it’s up to Southgate to move. Inside Shaw Locker and Grealish for Saka, 4-2-3-1. They will be the only changes in the Three Lions. After a few minutes of settling into the new positions, England raise the pressure. But only in the 32nd minute he reached the mirror, twice with Harry Kane in the same movement, he was stopped by Donnarumma covering the first post. Mancini puts Gabbiadini, who has not played since that terrible match between Italy and Sweden in 2017 at the San Siro. Jorginho puts him in goal in the 40th minute, but Gabia’s left hits Bob’s foot, then picks up DiMarco who confirms his best role on the field: a great left pole and an exciting pole. The English attack galvanizes the wrestling skills of our defense: Dirty conclusions arrive from Rice and Bellingham, zero real stakes. After 6′ of recovery the Meazza roar. Italy is back.