Jannik salad is not indigestible to Carlito

Lettuce, valerian, arugula, tomatoes, peppers, fennel, celery, then salt, oil, vinegar, pepper. How many ingredients does the salad need Yannick feelss? The question, seemingly meaningless, does not surprise those who know his willingness to elicit strange culinary metaphors: if Pierluigi Bersani, of peasant origin, speaks of cows in the lane and of an unknown well-digger, he is inspired by Father Johann, the cook. From the shelter Talschlusshutte. He’s been doing this for years. Andrew Eichenholz, writing for atptour.com’s official website, recalls that in 2020, the boy from Val Fiscalina said he felt “still out of the kitchen” as he aspired to become a star chef. But a year later, he had “peeled vegetables” (his words). Now, he says, “I make salads” with the best mix that can be put into the bowl. “I know I can always add something (to my tennis salad ndr). Sometimes it is difficult, because I have to choose between many ingredients. But I think the important thing is that the salad becomes tastier. “A few months ago, vegetable vendors Simone Fagnozzi and Darren Cahill have been supplying Junk’s Kitchen with fresh herbs and specialty spices.

His power looks very good to everyone in July at Wimbledon in the victorious matches with John Isner and Carlos Alcaraz and in the match he lost with Novak Djokovic and then at Umag, when he defeated Alcaraz again in the final. Equally good so far at the US Open with four hardcore hits over Daniel Altmaier, Chris Eubanks, Brandon Nakashima and Ilya Ivachka. However, solutions other than the usual strong, accurate shots from baseline should be better measured, confirming that at 21 in August, Jannik still has a lot to learn. Which he doesn’t mind, because “I know my potential and I’m trying to exploit it. But I have to stay humble because in the end I haven’t won anything important”: and that’s not true since he triumphed in the 2019 ATP Finals, which was held in the ATP Finals. Grand Prix in Turin 2021 (to replace the injured Berrettini), six tour-level titles, and a top-10 finish.

Today, chef Sinner and gymnast Alcaraz (voiced as Jori Checchi at the Atlanta Olympics) are facing each other for the fourth time in their careers on the Arthur Ashe Stadium rectangle, with the budget in the tie and in the semifinals. Up for grabs. If you haven’t watched the match, search YouTube for highlights of Match 12 of Match 2 and you’ll understand what you missed. Within minutes, the best tennis of the season is being expressed, with the Italian’s amazing comeback (serving under 5-6, canceling four set points) and a point the Spaniard earned with a behind-the-back shot has some. unbelievable. In the next tie-break, blue prevails by measure (7-9): thus he reclaims the first set, which he had left an hour earlier by the nineteen-year-old coached by Juan Carlos Ferrero, the aggressive protagonist for a devastating acceleration on the equal 3 .

The seventh game of the third group is also an anthology. In the break (4-3), Yannick showed that in the return rounds he can become as strong as Djokovic. He confines Carlito to the baseline and moves him from right to left and then stabs him. And the situation is repeated in the eleventh game, with exchanges that angered the public, conscious of enjoying a privilege worth the effort of staying in the middle of the night. The feeling, though not new, is that these two people will create challenges on a massive scale for many years to come. The engineering power of South Tyrol is at odds with the morass eruptions, and any wonder that can arise from the engagement. As true, we return to the tiebreaker, which is dominated by Sinner (0-7).

At one o’clock, while in Italy the day has already started, the fourth set begins, which sees Sinner in a constant advantage. Our #1 hit in 3 every counter-break that could pave the way for him to the semi-finals. Served at 4-5, he has a match point that he doesn’t exploit because he pays for redundant double faults and attackable second serve (talking about the basics that Vagnozzi and Cahill have to work on). Alcaraz took advantage of that and, having regained his confidence, took the fifth set. They don’t skip the charts as often happens in games like this. When you’re barely in your forties out of two, the effort is still minimal, and then you both have a head not to give up. Carlito decided, as Ferrero loudly suggested, to raise the stakes by advancing half a meter while Yannick continues to produce his grueling tennis. Maybe he should change something even if he takes the first in the fifth, 2-3. The second from a Spanish brand: 3 up. As well as the third: 5-3. Alcaraz serves in the game and misses a few. Here ends in his favour, in the comeback, 6-3 6-7 6-7 7-5 6-3 in five and a quarter hours of unforgettable tennis presented to the public by two certified heirs to Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray.

From a Word archive on my Mac, it looks like I’ve been writing about it since 2016 Francis Tiafoe Sixty-one times on the Internet Monday, and I also know why: His story as an African American first generation, the son of immigrants from Sierra Leone to Maryland, is very “inspirational” to me, as Americans say; He is a nice, outgoing guy; His physical and wonderful pastime is in tennis. Several times he was one step closer to entering the top 20 exclusive clubs, and this time he made it. In fact, denying the bookmakers who gave him (slightly) a disadvantage compared to the opponent Andrey RublevFrancis made it through the round thanks to consistent performances throughout the three sets and clarity shown during the tie breaks in the first two sets. In the third, Tiafoe, born in 1989, defends the fracture obtained at the opening to the end. The 7-6 7-6 6-4, which arrives after 2 hours 36 minutes, condemns the Russian, and is understandably stunned. The American will face Alcaraz on Friday. Venghino venghino, siore and siori, fun for everyone!