Juventus 250 Million Red: Young Allegri on the Board of Directors

Today will meet Juventus Board of Directors. The news is not usually released, but this time the council was given great importance by the media and fans because it comes in a picture A decisive moment For the technical management of Massimiliano Allegri. So, we may go straight to the point: Can the board of directors make a decision on Allegri’s exemption, as many have argued in recent days? Technically, it could give a title to management, but the premise that tomorrow’s board of directors is calling for management to change coach is quite remote, for two primary reasons.

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a matter of jurisdiction

I CdA The company is a body that must contribute to the management of the company and represents a kind of guarantee for its shareholders. Given these tasks, the decision coach acquitted It can fall within the duties, but the Juventus Board has never entered into football technical issues precisely because of the special nature of Juventus itself, a joint stock company, but also a football club. Juventus managers are managers with different skills, from economic to those in the media and in general in management. Nobody has football experience to discuss an issue like being exempted from a technical point of view, except of course Pavel Nedved, Andrea Agnelli and Maurizio Arrivabene who are part of the board of directors and also represent management. Therefore, even if the topic is discussed (let’s say that one of the members asks for clarification on the current technical crisis of the team), the situation will be clarified by the same management that confirms confidence in Allegri. In the past, the board has examined some Pure Football Decisions (Buy Cristiano Ronaldo for example) But always with the economic aspect in mind. Since Juventus is regulated, purely ‘football’ decisions are delegated to the managers who then report to the board and the association, but are not made within the board of directors.

Juventus to the board of directors: This is what it will decide

Juventus, Conte's suggestion and Juventus fans' reactions

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Juventus, Conte’s suggestion and Juventus fans’ reactions

Economic question

Namely the fact that the Juventus board deals with accounts rather than players and coaches, it is possible, if anything, that the Allegri case could be dealt with in terms of Financial consequences. This is: how much will it cost to exempt Allegri And hire another coach? Many. Because the money owed to Allegri will not be saved from now until the end of the contract and a new technician appointment will be added. It is true that the board of directors can make assessments of lost revenue in the event of a sports fiasco of the season, but on September 23, that is, at the beginning of the year, managers prefer to avoid making a decision that would increase. Already high management costs, without ensuring that this is enough to avoid math failure Without making sure that continuing with Allegri will not ultimately solve the problem. In short, admitted and not granted, the subject of Allegri ends up at a huge table for the headquarters designated to host the Board of Directors, and the hypothesis that he will come up with a decision to absolve is a long way off. The Board of Directors will be more committed to discussing the poor financial results of the 2021-22 season, which must be approved for presentation to the Assembly (the date of which will be determined by the Board itself).

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Juventus, are you spending well? Ranking of clubs that paid players more than their value

Save the fun?

So is Allegri considered safe? yes. Allegri confirmation, which was reaffirmed even after the defeat at Monza, is not in question at the moment within Juventus, as the whole focus is on how to help the coach find the right path. It is clearly a conditional confirmation of the results, like any technician. It’s hard to say “the end” of this confidence is, but it seems clear that the managers want to see a truly defining turning point in a five-game cycle in less than two weeks that will occur when the tournament resumes. From 2 to 15 October he will face Juventus Bologna, Maccabi and Milanstill Maccabi Then the derby with Turin. After these five races, the scenario will be more clear, because without a reaction from the team, scenarios can be opened to change the coach. However, it is more credible that Juventus will be staying at the end of the first part of the season, when the global holiday begins. At this point it will be clear European destination (the second round of the Champions League or the European League) and the position in the league. If Allegri’s fate is in doubt, it will most likely happen Mid-November more than mid-October.

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Other coaches

Were the other coaches called after that? No. Despite the rumors Juventus He has not contacted any other techniciansand did not alert those of the youth sector (see Montero). At the moment the management is doing everything they can to make this technical project a success (in which the directors are also involved) and contacting other technicians will be destabilizing, in short, a special goal that you avoid if you are still hoping to win the game. When serious explorations for an alternative to Allegri begin, it will be a signal that Allegri’s fate is sealed. At the moment it still is.

Allegri and cheerful.  Juventus, this is how we get out of the crisis

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Allegri and cheerful. Juventus, this is how we get out of the crisis

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