Juventus – Benfica 1-2, goals in Milik, Joao Mario e Neres

The Bianconeri leads after 4 minutes with the Poles, and the Bianconeri was reassembled by Joao Mario with a penalty kick and was defeated by Neres. After a good start, Perin and Bonucci saved Allegri’s team from a heavier negativity

Milik’s third goal in six matches – his first in the Champions League – is not enough, if Juventus do not play with Juventus. This is the lesson Benfica (also) learned for Juventus at the Allianz Stadium, punishing them 2-1, which greatly complicates Juve’s path in Europe and which imposes a negative record: Juventus have not lost twice in their history. The first two matches of the Champions League group stage. Juventus also played against the Portuguese in the first 20 minutes of the match, then lost confidence and ground, allowing Benfica not only to recover, but also to overtake. The first goal is from former Inter player Joao Mario from the penalty spot, the blood double bearing the signature of Neres. Juventus, after knocking out Paris Saint-Germain with the same score last week, is consequently faltering in its second consecutive Champions League defeat. Benfica instead scored their twelfth consecutive victory.

Belonging, Solito Jules Lampo

Juventus, with Di Maria initially back on the bench, pours “positive anger” on the field, to put it on Nedved, accumulated in the final (and then) with Salernitana, and played for 20 minutes with Juve, not only making Benfica, but also showing character Great, dominant game and excellent possession of the field. High pressure, aggressiveness, smooth play with and without the ball, components of a decidedly positive and well-rounded start with Milik’s goal after 4 minutes. Vlahovic’s teammate, in a 3-5-2 who sees Meretti and McKinney around Paredes and the pair Cuadrado Costique on the wings, is perfect for entry and picking time on a Paredes free kick: his header leaves no room for Flacodimos. Juventus, who has been orphaned by Alex Sandro as well as Rabiot, Locatelli, Szczesny and Pogba, does not stop and continues to play an uphill and enveloping match on the wings. So much so that Kostic and Melek again almost double.

From feature to blackout

But then the light goes out and, starting at 20 minutes, Juve loosen their grip and slow down, bringing their center of gravity back a lot. Benfica does not ask for the best and grows in presence and confidence: Ramos first sends his head high, then hits very centrally with a foul by Perin, then Rafa Silva hits the post in the 39th minute with the Juventus goalkeeper steady, then a minute later the Merretti splash is usually Ramos is confirmed from VAR accepted and is punished with a penalty kick and a yellow card for the midfielder. At 43′ Joao Mario scored 1-1 from the penalty spot, encouraging in a provocative manner. Beren reacts and blocks, like an attacker.

Benfica double

In the second half, the two teams resume the second half with the same effectiveness, and the normal Milik, who is trying to take advantage of the effect of the surprise, after 6 minutes: Vlachodemos distracts the big kick from outside for a corner kick. Benfica succeeded instead, in the 55th minute: Perin miraculously saved Rafa Silva, and could do nothing in the closing of Neres, the fourth goal of the season. Allegri runs in search of hideout: inside Di Maria and de Sciglio, instead of Meretti and Cuadrado. Bonucci saves the score twice, closing in on Bah and Neres, Perrin opposing for Rafa Silva’s oath and Neres’ oath. Juventus is at the mercy of the opponent. At 70′ Fagioli and Kane replace Milek and Kostik, with the striker ready away hitting the base of the post. But it’s a flash in the pan: Juventus’ trident failed to sting, while the defense, now at four players, is still reeling from Portuguese attacks. Total: Benfica is in control, Bremer misses his chance at life three minutes from the end on Di Maria’s goal and for Juventus, who were targeted by the whistles of the Allianz Stadium, it is now really difficult.