Juventus, even the accused players: Now we need men

Turin Honor is by merit, and in a sense also by inferiority. Since then, captain Leonardo Bonucci and his comrades (nearly all) have had the courage and sense of responsibility to break the curve, apologize and remorse, while Juventus fans have expressed their regret, anger, disappointment, frustration and disbelief. Decibel beeping sound. It happened after the match Juventus – Benfica 1-2 and it was a ‘high’ and almost tangible gesture like the start of Juve Benfica, which was baptized by the lightning goal of Arcadios Melik. Too bad for what was between them. In the middle, as it happens now infrequently, there were errors, mistakes, omissions and situations that were not always appropriate. Protests and complaints. False readings for a while. And again cases of mental and physical blackouts. Bonucci In this sense it was very clear: “Yes, I’m worried, I’m not hiding it. We leave the game a lot, whether for mental or physical reasons, and we struggle to keep matches going. Unfortunately we are going through this moment where we are struggling after scoring the goal. There’s not much to say, we just have to shut up, act and look forward. and his echo echoed Mattia Perrin: «We need to understand what this situation is based on because we lack maturity during the match. We got off to a great start and then there was kind of a blackout, but it happens to us a lot. If we had known what it was coming from, we would have already stepped in. We have to shut up and work. This is clearly not a good thing, we are the first to know. We try to talk to each other, understand what we need to step in and work on, especially the older ones. We have to find the square, there are no other solutions».
Indeed: it is clearly a matter of head, not feet. Focus and motivation over tactics and choice of men. Also because, objectively, Allegri It may also have been shown to have a negative effect with certain resolutions or after certain settings, but others go into the field. Players who get paid as many times as their colleagues from Salernitana, Sampdoria and also from Benfica go there.

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Juventus falls against Benfica and the web spreads


However, in terms of character, the players seemed a bit lacking at the start of the season. Items that show fragility when dealing with the unexpected, and that roughly “hide” rather than dictate play, are in those phases of the game where the ball gets heavier.
It is no coincidence, in fact, that good starts are followed by game-breaks, in their intensity, and attentively: seeing Juventus-Benfica on Wednesday night, only to believe; or Juventus Roma. It is no coincidence that at other times (eg against PSG in the first match of the Champions League group) it is almost necessary to “touch the bottom” and then start playing lightly and boldly. Those who have nothing lose.
For individuals, well, there are specific situations to begin with. Nervousness (which leads to indecisiveness) that sometimes dominates Dusan Vlahovicor the alternating phase of the unrecognizable Juan Field. excessive enthusiasm Weston McKinneyadditionally – indecisive – from Moise King. Thus, also thinking, for example, of ingenuity (out of inexperience) that Fabio Meretti Benfica’s penalty provoked.
There is work to be done, yes. We need a great reaction, only in this way can the situation be reversed.

I purify Juventus, I purify the numbers for Allegri

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I purify Juventus, I purify the numbers for Allegri

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