Juventus left through Benfica. Mysterious project. Agnelli and the silence of the guilty. Is the whole team following Allegri? The new Del Piero Bonberti. Referees and Superlega iattura

Literally taken, in the last 30 minutes, by Benfica: a real team, solid, with ideas and playing football. Juventus is gone, Bonucci admitted. He is no longer on the field (2 wins in 8 games, Champion almost lost two consecutive defeats and Madama with zero points in the set). But it is difficult to see it even in offices, in communications, in planning. There are many factors that led to the dissolution of (now Juventus) a glorious club that would once have left the field (perhaps defeated) but only after being convicted of a draw. They tried: in a pathetic way. embarrassment. soft delicacy; This time there was no fault of the var. The offside that disallowed Vlahovic’s goal was sunny. The punishment that Meretti committed, it may not have been but in terms of organization it was there. The penalty was probably due to be repeated because former Inter player Joao Mario stopped the race. But not all rulers are called Irrati.

Benfica could have made four, as the Berenne Gate at one point looked like the Gate of Fort Apache. “We have to work,” Allegri said. Exactly: But how does Allegri work during the week? I received a video of the exercise from a friend. Allegri walks in the field and gives certificates. Some players’ attitude is a snapshot of what you see in the game. Juventus Today is a religious book. It seems that this has become her boss. Like his managers, his coach, his assistants. He goes to the green grass, stamps the card and leaves. There are players who are afraid who do not go down the curve to take the whistles of the holy crowd. There are players fleeing to the locker room. After all: not even the coach went to put his face in front of the crowd. Juventus is a ship that sails. There will be no withdrawal. Management goes in front of the microphones (Arrivabene, Nedved) only to make itself more obnoxious than it already is. Protect and grow. There are Juventus shirts not wet with sweat at the end of the match. Juve after 20 minutes, thaws regularly. It is inevitable for a team that has not prepared for years. And after five days of running, he set off around the world to raise money.

Juventus lacks planning. You can’t do without Chiellini and de Ligt by just replacing them with a Bremer. You couldn’t help but notice that for three seasons Alex Sandro was no longer the player you hired. You won’t lose Dybala if you don’t have a player who can replace him with quality and imagination. Don’t replace Ronaldo with Beijing. You make fun. Despair in the masses. You should have acted wisely. Change worn out players with young and potential. But you’ve got Ramseys and Rabbits and Arthurs. You bought the Kulusevskis but you didn’t believe it. I bought Zacharias for six months. I surrendered to Bentancourt to collect the money. I took possession of Vlahovic who was scoring in bursts in Florence and who now looks like a curbstone. But in Florence he scored a lot, maybe because he was helping him in a match. In Turin he was left to his fate. I’ve dealt with big players like Di Maria and Pogba over the years and I’ve been bruised. contemptuous of danger. If Ronaldo’s gamble (which you’re still paying cash for) is inexpensive (even if it gets you a lot of goals), Di Maria, a green grass phenomenon, made it clear to you before signing that he’d be leaving in a year. It will be back again in a year. With your cuadrado whose tongue became hanging, like a lemon from a thousand races, even with his national team. And the Kostic which, if it suits you, will become (perhaps, perhaps) a giaccerini. I got rid of Bernardeschi, Dybala and Morata, the people who loved Juventus and wanted to stay in Turin. You had (and still have) a short arm with guys. Allegri looks like one of those old gentlemen who traveled aboard the Rex (which broke the speed record on the road to New York), donning the follies when fashion changed for some time. A man whose time is up. This does not feel challenging. Since Marotta’s dismissal “for the sake of forty-year-old Juventus” said Andrea Agnelli (as “Thirty-year-old Arrivabene, I ask?) Juve has gotten worse. Decisions are made by Agnelli. He put seals. And his decisions were sequential: Sarri, Pirlo, Allegri Agnelli had warned of the danger of “hot soup”. A non-provocative question: the whole team follows the “squeezed” Allegri? Because it doesn’t look like it. It would take a shock. A man of authority and credibility. One like Alex Del Piero who is a sign Commercial on his own, among other things. He, after being Giampiero Boniperti, is still “the man named Juventus.” Do not be deceived by Alex’s meek and gentle face: he is one with the Colonis. In what location, if any? One can imagine.

I am analyzing iattura from iatture: Superlega. This idea (maybe not evil) but it is badly born, carbonaro born, poorly explained, poorly managed. Super League Trio: Because there is a void behind Real, Barcelona and Juventus. Tatar desert. Abandoned, Agnelli, like the husband whose wife broke the boxes, from Inter, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern. Not to mention the English language. Historically, Juventus was really hated because they won. The aborted Premier League (but still officially in the recovery room of the courts) made her hate. From Ceferin, From Gravina, From Media, A fan of peon teams. Definitely by the rulers. Juventus is silent, as if the results do not matter to them. As if the fixed red budget should not worry. As if the largest shareholder didn’t fix it over and over, recapitalizing. This Juve and this management on the funds even “for their customers”, for their fans. Not to mention the opponents. Arrogance is manifested in the stubborn silence behind which Juventus has taken root. Allegri at the press conference presents the trifles of the Mariocchia Kindergarten. “For work, there is not much to say, football is like this, there are moments like this, there is nothing to blame the team.”

Since when did Juventus not take a punitive retreat? But if not now, then when? And as long as the Juventus president did not expose and did not say: “I expect this, we have this error, and so on.” I was wrong: an affirmation unknown even in Allegri’s vocabulary. If only workers matter, with raspberry-colored shirts, we’re in bad shape. His divinity Andrea Agnelli informed that if Juventus failed to qualify for the second round of the tournament, which was eliminated from the group, it would be a historic disaster: economic and sporting. If it fails, the Scudetto would be a media disaster for the centenary of the Agnelli ownership. The misfortune (accidents in Chiesa, Pogba, Di Maria, etc.) does not justify the simplicity of the disturbing start to the season: impotence and lack of play. The only positive note, Melek: an inversion. A player who scores regularly is a blessing. you amazed me. But this is not enough. Dybala (Arrivabene dixit) was “off the project”. Perhaps others should be “outside the project”. Even among those who do not take the field. But is there a “project”? And if it exists, who is it? At the moment, the “project” is much more ambiguous than the plans for the landing in Normandy were. The truth is that Juventus expect John Elkann to pick up the broom. He is the only one who can do that. As the saying goes: “Those who have time do not wait for time.” Reliance on a broom can turn into a disaster. Engineer, a soccer ball is made of the stuff of dreams. But say, please: If I were your employee, if I worked with you and kept failing, and didn’t get results, how many chances would there be (rightly) not to get me to start at the cashier? zero.

Finally, reader Roberto Casella wrote to me (thanks for the appreciation) declaring his intention to “abdicate” as a Juventus fan. In the past, as a joke, I’d also do this yet another despicable shirt designed by creators obsessed with the idea of ​​”modernity” and made for soccer players to wear. Dear Mr. Casella: Don’t do that. It is not she who should abdicate the throne. Others must. And believe me, if I knew the customs of the royal house, I would not exclude this from happening. Not immediately, not shocked. After all, they are Savoyards. But it can happen.

“Tempus edax rerum” Ovid writes in “Metamorphosis”: time devours everything. Believe, Mr. Casella: it devours men, too.