Juventus, Milan and Inter regret: Dybala is the new king, and blessed are the Roma who own him | first page

The numbers speak for themselves: Paulo Dybala in his first six league games has already scored three goals, all in open play, hit two poles, and provided assists.You above all else, thinking about the many doubts surrounding him about his physical condition, he had always started as a beginner. Time, as always, will tell if the Argentine will be able to resist at high levels until the end of this intense season, as he will gladly work with the Argentina shirt in his first autumn world championship. In the meantime , It took Dybala a few weeks to become the team’s top scorer, which restored the confidence of the Roma fans, Which he welcomed with incredible enthusiasm. Decisive in the recent victory in Empoli, expected to appear tonight in the Europa League against Helsinki and above all for the trio in Sunday’s match against leaders Atalanta, Dybala did not even need the so-called acclimatization period in a new team, completely different in mentality and tradition from Juventus. In fact, Mourinho who considers him above any turnover has already promoted him as captain of the advanced division, Give him the freedom to move as he wants behind or next to Abraham and/or Belotti.

Certainly not now to discover Dybala, who arrived in Italy in the summer of ten years ago to play for Palermo, will turn 29 on November 15. It is necessary, however, to ask oneself if he is not useful to Juventus again, or alternatively to the Inter he wooed, or to Milan who gave us an idea. Discussions about his departure from Turin never ended, but In light of the serious difficulties of the Allegri team, it increased because Juventus lacks a man of his imagination., is able to give more playable balls to Vlahovic and the latest arrival of Milik. If the Bianconeri do not get out of the crisis tunnel quickly and especially if Dybala continues to score in Rome in the meantime, the fans’ regret will only grow more and more. Ironically, however, given that Juve’s decision has been made for quite some time, Inter and Milan’s regrets are likely to be greater. Because Inter would not have spent anything on the player’s card, due to the expiration of the contract, And a salary of seven million wasn’t crazy considering that the same amount was guaranteed in the past for Sanchez. But away from the economic aspect, we need to think about the importance of the technical aspect because Inter lacks quality between midfield and attack and in a team that is very focused on pushing Parilla and on the strength of the pair Lukaku and Lautaro, Dybala’s imagination. He would have secured an important tactical alternative. Precisely for this reason, Marotta had already reached an agreement with the Argentine, and only “no” from the Chinese possessions prevented the process that seemed to be over.

While Inter was out in the open, Milan continued the situation with a silent detachment, Focusing on De Katelaere which cost 35 million, excluding the engagement. On an economic level, there is no comparison between the process of Dybala and the process that brought Belgian talent to Milanello. But above all, on a technical level, the Argentine was assured of his maturity and knowledge of the Italian championship.. On the other hand, De Ketelaere needs time to acclimatize, as we saw at the start of the season, and it is no coincidence that he started on the bench last night against Dinamo Zagreb, leaving the role of playmaker to the theoretical reserve. Diaz. And so, amid somewhat pent-up remorse, from Turin to Milan, there is only one certainty: Dybala is the new king of Rome. Blessed are those who have it.