Juventus to Monza more Rabiot than Locatelli

Turin – The simple problem of First leg Sunday in Monza It will most likely be absent Massimiliano Allegriwhich should be discounted One day of disqualification after the fight For the regular goal that was canceled in Juventus against Salernitana, and will be replaced by his deputy on the bench Marco Landucci, who did well last season when he was questioned. The real emergency in the field would be: Juventus He hopes to be able to reclaim some of the 10 Bianconeri who are likely to skip the match against the team coached by an ex-player yesterday, Rafael Palladino. Two men are likely to return and the Juventus medical staff should be watching between now and Sunday: goalkeeper Szczesny, now out for two weeks with a sprained ankle treated against Spezia, and Alex Sandro, the last injured at Juve, who was injured yesterday. To give up the Champions League match due to an adductor muscle problem. It is true that the time available is short, but in Juventus they are confident that the Polish is on the way to recovery and that the problem of the Brazilian’s muscles is light and therefore can be solved in a short time given the precautionary stop. However, the green light will only come at the last minute.

Locatelli, more outside than inside

On the other hand, there is little hope of seeing Manuel Locatelli play at Brianteo Stadium: the midfielder, who is interrupted due to muscle strain, is destined to return only after the national team has stopped, thus jumping, in addition to Salernitana and the BenficaAlso, Monza. There could be a few other opportunities Adrien Rabiot, which Allegri hopes to be able to throw into battle on Sunday, but even then it would be a race against time. The slogan remains cautious and there is no willingness on the part of the technical and medical staff to speed up the return, and then expose the French team to the risk of relapse, especially since with the championship interrupted after the first leg in Monza, the player will have two weeks to recover.

List of long-term patients

It is clear that in the list of unavailable patients there are long-term patients, Da Paul Pogba, Federico Chiesa, Da Caio Jorge and Marley Aqui, to which it is added ineligible. Juve’s waste – Salernitana will be felt on Sunday because of Juventus will have to dispense with Milik and CuadradoHe was kicked out in the final against the bomb. Two more heavy absences will force Allegri to completely redesign the team and perhaps give space to those players, like Kane, who have not yet proven that they can.

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Allegri encourages Juventus: “Champions are complex, they are not ruled out”

malice heroes

for every Sunday at last there is the unknown Di MariaHe returned to the field yesterday and spread in the last half hour: the Argentine, new from a double injury, an adductor muscle injury, treated in his first league appearance, then a calf kick in Florence, he appeared in good shape, capable of it. Torn along the wing even if the Portuguese hit him with mistakes. Today we’ll assess if Fideo got through last night’s job without feeling left thigh discomfort: that would be great news for Allegri.

Juventus-Benfica: Di Maria, Melek and doubts about Allegri's change

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Juventus-Benfica: Di Maria, Melek and doubts about Allegri’s change

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