Kanto passes to Pala Gianni Asti

Reale Mutua Torino comes out undefeated from the third day of the Super Cup, as it fell on the parquet floor of Pala Gianni Asti against Kanto with a score of 74-79. For coach Franco Ciani, the top scorers were Di Fico with 23 points and Mayfield with 22 points.
Guariglia thinks of unblocking the game with two longs, but on the other hand, Hunt draws the game right away. Three times, one from De Vico and one from Guariglia push Reale Mutua to the maximum advantage (10-2 after 3′ of play). A 4-0 lead brings Kanto back to 10-6. De Fico still scored from a long distance (17-8) and coach Saketti stopped the match with a time-out. Coming out of the time-out, Reale Mutua finds a double-digit advantage thanks to Mayfield (20-9), but the Cantorina team reacts and goes back 3-0 to -4 (20-16 with 2′ from the end) with coach Siani stopping the game. The first quarter goes to archive at 22-21 for Turin.

The second quarter begins with Stefanelli’s triple, but on the other hand Di Fico immediately tied the match (24-24). However, Kanto’s 8-0 run pushed it to 32-24, forcing coach Ciani out of time. Torino reacts and finds its 6-0 counterpart which brings it back to -2 (30-32) and the Cantorina bench decides to stop the match. Mayfield shoots 5-0 single-handedly and returns Reale Mutua 39-37 to 2’30 of the half. We go to the dressing room 43-41 for yellow and blue.

The second half begins with a treble from Bucarelli, bringing the guests back 44-43. Canto continues to push and goes up +4 (49-45 after 4 minutes), but Di Fico scored the triple -1 (49-48). Reale Mutua beats one of the measures later thanks to Jackson (50-49). However, coach Saketi’s team returns and maintains the advantage (54-50). Bucarelli scored three times the new +8 for Kanto (58-50). Taflaj is released from distance and Torino returns to -5 (60-55) and Vencato returns to only one (60-57) 1′ possession from the last inning. The third quarter ended with a score of 62-57 in favor of Kanto.

Tommaso Gariglia opened the last period, bringing Turin into only one possession (62-59). Rogic without the new +6 Kanto triple (67-61 after 3’30” out of play). Torino was shaken up thanks to Di Fico, who put his team back to -6 (71-65 at 4′ from the finish). +7 chase results for Cantù 2′ from the end of the match (75-68). Jackson’s Free Men keep Real Mutua hopes alive (75-70 1′ from finish). Chyna and Mayfield bring Coach Siani’s players to only one possession (77-74 with 30″ from the end). Kanto won 79-74.

Suspension Coach Franco Ciani: «It was a match less than the first two games, and there’s definitely opponents strength that came from defeating Casal, but also from less accuracy on our part. Today we saw some stagnation and some mistakes. Some tactical things put us in a bind because we weren’t good at executing the failed matches that were created, making mistakes and passing shots, but that’s part of the period and so we became more nervous. Keep the defensive side except for a few 3 points allowed. Today our offensive difficulties have appeared, because what was one of our strengths, that is, the distribution of danger has now disappeared. Now we’re going to work sporty, get back in shape and fix the tactical things that we can’t do at the moment.».

Reale Mutua Turin Basket – Aqua S Bernardo Canto 74-79
Partial (22-21, 43-41, 57-62)

Real Mutua Turin: Mayfield 22, Vencato 7, Taflaj 3, Schina 2, Jackson 8, Poser 2, Doneda NE, Fea NE, Guariglia 7, Dalle Ave NE, De Vico 23, Pepe. Coach: Franco Ciani
S. Water Bernardo Canto: Stefanelli 18, Hunt 17, Baldi Rossi 5, Nikolic 6, Borsani NE, Da Ros 4, Bucarelli 15, Pini, Severini NE, Rogic 14, Brembilla NE. Coach: Romeo Sachetti