Lazio, Sarri: “There is a germ in the dressing room. Ready to retreat”

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One of the worst defeats in the history of Lazio at the European level. A defeat at the humble Midtjylland house, which brings to mind the blackouts that have characterized Surrey’s management so many times. At the end of the match, the coach will also analyze the defeat at the press conference: follow the live broadcast written on

What did he say to the fans?

I told them they’re absolutely right, because this is a match we do not have I played, and we didn’t play it out of assumption. At the base of these games, there’s a huge dose of humility, if you walk around Europe you’ll meet the kind of character that happened to us tonight and as happened to another team last year. There is no escape from this. What I regret is that we have been pressing this key for three days and instead it didn’t work at all. We got everything wrong, from the day before the match to the match itself. It was already evident in the first twenty minutes, when possession was entirely ours, that we were arrogant, that we were touching two hours an hour without ever diving in. It almost looked like a team running the last 20 minutes with a 4-0 score. When the team has this kind of situation in the possession phase, in the non-possession phase on the first difficulty they score a goal, it was obvious“.

Did you see old ghosts from last season?

UnfortunatelyI don’t see much diversity. These sudden emotional breakdowns are similar to those of years past. It’s hard to understand the reasons: because if the motive is me, I have to take a step back, and if it’s the player’s fault, he must be sold immediately. The person who glimpses this germ within this group is necessarily present“.

Do you feel it might be your fault, too?

This is a locker room where there are no critical problems, but these drops, which can be called emotional or nervous, are present. My fear is that there is some trigger that we haven’t been able to locate and tame. There aren’t the kinds of relationships that you think can come up with these things. It is a beautiful environment to live in, but there are also games to play“.

Surprised by the opponents game?

“I’m not surprised, but I think Midtjylland is not evaluable tonight. They played against a boring and dead team, if I had to rate the level compared to my team, I think they are the clear favorites for the Europa League. But tonight they played against a dead team, I don’t know when a live team will play. But I I saw them and it’s a good team.”

What do you mean when you talk about germs?

“I don’t mean there’s a sick head. The germ in the sense that someone can pass this on regardless of their will. It’s not like someone walks into the locker room and says ‘Now make them all superficial.’ I think there is involuntary transmission, that’s obvious.” This is a game made by superficial players and played with a premise. There is no doubt about that.”

How do you think this situation can be resolved? Did you feel any signs?

This is a team that never gives you that feeling, even before the matches we didn’t play last year – like this – there were no big indications in training that the team was very absent. It is very difficult to tell you how to solve it, and it is not easily solved. It’s hard to frame a situation like this“.

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