LIVE LBA | Lovary Cup: Rayer Venezia beat Brescia

D Lovary Cup De Luca is the direct transcript of the first scheduled match between German Brescia and Omana Rier Venezia.
Coach Magro will be able to count for the first time on CJ Masenberg and Amedeo Della Valle, who have both recovered from the injury. But in the stands are David Moss, John Petrucelli, Christian Burns and Kenneth Viglianisi.
On the other hand, Umana Rier Venezia without Speco and Testouri has been involved with the national team in Berlin in recent days, and Riccardo Morashini whose disqualification ends in late October. Michael Bramus in the field.

4Q – Bramus scores the first points for the fourth after about two minutes. Unsportsmanlike foul sanctioned in Cobbins v Willis: 2/2, 67-61. Again the bezel of the gun is with a 1/2 watt making. Beautiful basket by Gabriel from the area, his 2 + 1 and the German open in this last period: with 6:30 to play Venezia in front of 68-64. Reyer with the time the trial paused still extends to +8. Derek Willis of the media signs a +10, and Kornoh on the other side does not find the way to the basket. Serves wat cut parks +12 and coach lead time magro with 4:08 around the clock. Germani resumes scoring with Cobain’s basket, but on the other side Parks puts two more goals under the basket. De Nicolao fish in Watt area which find two easy points. Willis fouls Cobbins, 1/2. Brescia transfer and Gabriel triple, 80-72 with 1:30 at the end. Massenburg scored a -7 goal after a free kick from Raer. Thirty seconds ago, Massenburg scored himself -4 of three. Freeman scored two free throws, 83-77 and seven seconds left. Umana Reyer Venezia won 83-79.
Venezuela: Granger 17, Watt 15, Parks 13, Willis 12, Freeman 9, Bramos 8, Brooks 4, De Nicolao 3, Sima 2
Brescia: Massenburg 19, Cobain 17, Odyssey 12, Gabriel 9, Coppins 9, La Quintana 6, Della Valle 3, Achille 2, Cornoha 2.

3Q – Cobain breaks through the first points of the second half. Across the parks from below, Odiase replies. Double error from the line to Cornuh. Third foul for Gabriel to come out, Park’s big nail in Granger’s pass: Raer 47-43. Odiase’s offensive rebound that puts two more. Basket and beans in watts and also for free and 50-45. Parks failed dunk attempt. Granger’s big inversion for the trio from Freeman’s angle. Willis is in transition from the media: Brescia timeout, and the gun escapes to +10 in the middle of the second period. Elevate the Laquintana tale that shortens the distances. Brescia is already in a bonus and it’s free for Willis who makes 2/2. A technical foul was sanctioned against De Raffaele, Della Valle representing the free. Massenburg hat-trick on a pass to La Quintana, who put two more into the breakout for 59-53. Brescia shortens the distance and Koppens scores -2, and the Masenburg dribbling equalizes. Granger’s bezel, 2/2 to close the third quarter: Venice is still ahead but only two points ahead, 63-61 over Germani.
: Granger 17, Gardens 9, Watt 9. Brescia: Caupain 15, Massinburg 14, Odiase 12.

2Q – A great hat-trick from Cobain at the start of the second quarter of the match. Nice job from Germany with Coppins serving Akeley for -4. Brooks opens the gun and Granger from the corner puts another. The first two, after a one-minute suspension of La Quintana. Freeman scored from the area with a score of 33-24. In fading out of position Willis realized. Caupain hikes up the oop alley to submerge the Odiase. Watt scores from the bottom, then scores two cups from the -8 corner for the German. Caupain still out of three, Bramus immediately replies to the other side. Odiase stud for 41-34. Five consecutive points from Massenburg -2. Della Valle’s shot doesn’t go in the end, Venezia takes a 41-39 lead over German Brescia at the end of the first half.
Venezuela: Granger 15, Bramus 6, Brooks E Watt 4. Brescia: Caupain 13, Odiase 8, Massinburg 7.

1Q – Tai Odiase unlocks the game with two free throws. Watt version on the other side: 2-2. From dribbling he creates Cobain and pushes Brescia forward. Then the last rebound that in a transitional period serves Gabriel for the Brescia trio 7-2: De Rafael’s timeout. Granger gets out of three and shoots at -2. Granger again off a dribble dozen from distance: The gun advances 8-7. Cornuh spoils in firing and makes 2/2 as the clock stops. Granger is very hot at the beginning of this game: another bomb worthy of 9/11. Della Valley’s first points are also accurate from the line. Stoppatona of Odiase against Watt, then again Granger of the third: 14-11. Bramus from the false corner and attacked the baseline by finding two comfortable points. He hated signing for Rayer 16-13. Di Nicolau for three, while Laquintana catches a counterattack Massenburg that he should only support: 19-15 with 2′ to play in the first quarter. Cobain attacks iron in transition. Jordan Parks bean and basket, 24-17. Sima basket on sirens closes first quarter: The rifle leads 26-17 over Brescia.
Granger 12, Gardens 3, De Nicolau 3, Brescia: Odiase 7, Caupain 4, Massinburg 2.