Live Lovary Cup | Virtus defeated Bologna by Bertram Derzona

The second semi-final after winningUmana Rier Venice On German Brescia in the Lovary Cup in Lucca. There in the field Virtus Segafredo Bologna e Bertram Derthon.

Bologna power: Lundberg 14, Belinelli 14, Cordinier 10, Ojeley 9, Mickey 8, Weems 7, Ruzzier 5, Jaiteh 5, Menalo 2, Bako 2.
Bertram Derthona: Daum 22, Harper 18, Christon 15, Cain 10, Severini 8, Candi 6, Radosevic 4.

extra time – Harper scores from under the basket +2. Harper again from the bottom for 77-73. A trilogy from Ruzzier shortens the distances. Harper dumps Cain and scores +3 from average. Bellinelli’s shot doesn’t go, Derzona risks losing it and eventually finds no points with Wims’ good defense against Daum. Another mistake by Belinelli of three, Virtus does not find points. Daum recovers a dirty ball and manages to score two important points. Lundberg lost in defense but the Dane also had no luck for three. In the opposite direction, Harper scored a crucial pass for Cain: Derzhona led 83-76 over Virtus with 46 seconds to play. After the timeout, free to Filoy who makes 0/2. However, Virtus did not fall short: Bertram Derzona beat Virtus Bologna 83-76.

4Q – Trilogy of Kandy in the fourth opening. Bellinelli replied immediately. Filoni’s fourth error for Dirtona is 2 + 1 in Wims +4 virtus. Harper is flying over the iron at a time when Derthona appears to be struggling more with the shooting. But Kriston disagrees: Basket, Virtus 65-57 with 5:17 to play, timeout. Game for two: Kriston Kane, former long-distance basket of Depisaro. Cordinier serves at the corner of Lundberg for a 67-70 triple. Minute suspension with 2:08 at the end of the race and Virtus by 3 lengths. Derzona runs the ball well and Severini pulls 70-70 from the corner. Marco Bellinelli returns immediately. Triple Daum for a tie. The additional time will be: Virtus Bologna and Derzona tied after 40 minutes, 73-73.

3Q – We leave for Lucca with Whims, who answers to Harper. Kriston raises the proverb and realizes. Hack Mickey who finds the path open to two easy points. Counterattack in Cordinier’s flood, while Cain catches up on the other side of the area for 40-38. Lundberg fishing rope in the corner and triple the Virtus feature. Daum immediately responds to 43-41. Run again from a long distance while Cordiner’s energy is superb: a foul and a basket by the Frenchman, the extra freedom doesn’t go away. The Frenchman also scored 46-45 baskets. From the new ledge Cain signs +3. Lundberg missed two out of three goals, but Virtus rebounded and O’Gelli scored the first two points of the match. Creston from the center of the zone represents the new +3. Belinelli replies immediately but Daum works fine from the post and doesn’t fail on half the hook. Triple by Ojeleye for VNere, 54-55. Daum realizes the counter pass. Good job by Ojeleye for the bounce, do it right away from the previous Celtics: 2/2. The amazing Jaiteh shooting from midfield thinking time is up, Ojeleye ready to bounce and nails the last basket of the fourth. Virtus Bologna leads 59-56 at Derzona.

2Q Lundberg’s first two points. Triple by Kandy while Belinelli came out of the blocks and scored 22-16. Radosevic receives under the basket, throws himself back and scores +8. Filloy error, Severini log, +10. Partial mini 4-0 for Virtus with Cordinier immersion and Belinelli support. With the decision Harper breaks through who avoids the block and scores his 10th personal point. Nice basket from Menalus, then half hook from Mickey: Virtus at -4. Ruzzier’s Triple Table, 30-29. From dribbling, Lundberg realizes an advantage of three. Virtus Daum loses under the basket for 32-30. Creston from the bottom for +4, timeout Virtus with 19 seconds to play. Mickey on the siren! After 20 minutes, Derzona again leads 34-32 over Virtus.

1Q Two free throws for Harper open the game. Bean Basket, Daum and Derthona start with a score of 5-0. Creston’s penetration into a foul transition and his two free throws. But the first minute of the comment is for Virtus. 1/2 for the former Pisaro 6-0 after 4′. Choose and Bob Lundberg and Mickey, the latter representing the first Virtus. Dertona scores the offensive counterattack with Cain. On the other side, Jaiteh is found under the basket 8-4. Nice penetration by Cordiner which marks -2. Harper’s double bombshell, already an 8 for him and Darthona leading 14-6. Paco scores two free throws, Kriston realizes Bertram is throwing himself in the back. Beautiful trilogy from Severini’s angle. Bellinelli scores 19-10 basket. after 10′, Dirtona leads 19-12 over Virtus Bologna.