Live MotoGP 2022 / Free Practice 1 GP Japan: Bastianini precedes Quartararo – Live

MotoGP Good morning, dear readers MotoGP fans and welcome back once again with the date dedicated to the live report of the first free practice session of the Japanese Grand Prix in Motegi, the 16th race of the 2022 World Championship in First Class.
• Session in progress

09.05 – Let’s sum up the top ten in an hour; 15 minutes at the end of FP1:
1. Bastianini 1’44.978
2. Quarterly +0.051.2007
3. Oliveira +0.2
4. Marc Marquez +0.2
5. ZARCO +0.2
6. Alex Espargaro +0.2
7. Crutchlow +0.2
8. Nakagami +0.3
9. Rinse +0.3
10. Bagnaya +0.4.

09.02 – Very fast Enea Bastianini (Ducati Gresini, HS), is the new captain at 1’44.978. Quartararo (Yamaha, HS) replies with two partial records in Sectors Two and Three, but is unable to improve. Third is now Miguel Oliveira (KTM, HS) at 1’45.193.

09.00 – New change of goalkeeper at the top, Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha, HS) beats everyone else at 1’45.029. Enea Bastianini (Ducati Gresini, HS) climbs to fifth with a time of 1’45.450.

08.57 – Zarco (Ducati Prima Pramac) is always the leader, the second is Alex Espargari (Aprilia), the third is Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha), the fourth is Alex Rins (Suzuki), and the fifth is Maverick Vinales (Aprilia).
Currently among the top ten funds of the rating of Marc Marquez (Honda) 11 and Inna Bastianini (Ducati Gresini) 12.

08.55 – Vinales (Aprilia, HS) climbed to fourth at 1’45,457. Right behind him, fifth, is the good Franco Morbidelli (Yamaha, HM) at 1’45.666.

08.52 – Marc Marquez (Honda) also entered the top ten, tenth at 1’46.092. Currently, Enea Bastianini (Ducati Gresini) is 12th, 1 behind Zarco: the Romagna rider has yet to install Soft at the rear.

08.50 – Top 10 rankings after 45 minutes of 75 minutes on the track, with many improvements:
1. Zarco 1’45.210
2. Alex Espargaro +0.013.2007
3. Rinse +0.1
4. Quarterback +0.5
5. Martin +0.6
6. Vinales +0.6
7. Miller +0.6
8. Marini +0.7
9. Bagnaia +0.7
10. Morbidelli +0.9.

08.45 – More softs start seeing each other. Zarco (Ducati Prima Pramac, HS) leads at 1’45.309, trailed by Alex Rins (Suzuki, SS) at 1’45.640.
At Curva 11 cade Tetsuta Nagashima (Honda).

08.40 – Bagnaia (Ducati) has a soft tire at the back, but it does not improve and remains in seventh place.

08.37 – Raindrops insist deceptively, which advises drivers on the one hand to be more careful, but on the other hand they hurry to return to the top ten in case the weather conditions deteriorate.

08.35 – Top 10 standings after half an hour of PL1:
1. Quartermaster 1’45,807
2. Miller +0.096.37
3. Rinse +0.1
4. Zarco +0.3
5. Morbidelli +0.3
6. Marc Marquez +0.4
7. Bagnaia +0.5
8. Oliveira +0.6
9. Crutchlow +0.7
10. Vinales +0.7.

08.30 Also leading is Bagnaia (Ducati, SM), currently sixth at 1’46.316. Also take a look at the local riders: a dented Takaaki Nakagami (Honda LCR) car took 17th, Tetsuta Nagashima (Honda) 22nd, and Takuya Tsuda (Suzuki) 25th.

08.25 – Quartararo (Yamaha, SM) is first at 1’45.807, just under a tenth faster than Jack Miller (Ducati), now second.

08.22 – Bagnaia (Ducati, SM) is also in the top ten, eighth at 1’46.635. Also improved for Franco Morbidelli (Yamaha, MM), who is now fourth at 1’46.164 and Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha, SM), who climbed to second at 1’46.006.

08.20 Top 10 rankings after the first 15 minutes of FP1:
1. Miller 1’45.903
2. Rinse +0.1
3. Quarterback +0.1
4. Marc Marquez +0.3
5. Oliveira +0.5
6. Morbidelli +0.6
7. Zarco +0.6
8. Bastianini +0.7
9. Crutchlow +0.8
10. Vinales +0.8.

08.16 – Jack Miller (Ducati, MM) took the lead at 1’45.903. Alex Rins (Suzuki, SM) climbed to fifth with a time of 1’46.663. The first laps in this session are for Bagnaia (Ducati).

08.13 – Lap times slipped again, with Quartaro (Yamaha, SM) scoring 1’46,072, trailed by Marc Marquez (Honda, SM) at 1’46.213, Miller third (Ducati, MM), fourth Zarco (Ducati Prima Pramac, SM) and V Enea Bastianini (Ducati Gresini, SM).

08.10 – New leader, Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha, SM) finished first at 1’46.661. An electronic problem of a Bagnaya (Ducati) bike that stopped in the potholes after one lap.

08.07 Drivers on the track with dry tyres, only a few drops on the track at the moment. The first chronometric references on the time display: at the top is Marc Marquez (Honda, SM) at 1’46.888, the second is Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha, SM) in a tenth, and Franco Morbidelli (Yamaha, MM) in third with a half-second.

08.05 – Green Light for Free Motegi Practice 1 Started the first free practice session for 25 riders in MotoGP. There will be 75 minutes available, half an hour longer than usual, to make up for Saturday’s PL4 that will not be played.
The only session will be on Friday.

07.30 – Let’s start our record with the weather update. It’s raining all day tomorrow, so this PL1 session will be crucial to determining the list of 10 drivers admitted directly into the second quarter. Moto2 is on the track now and the first drops of rain are already starting to fall, so the first few minutes on the track might be crucial for the MotoGP riders.

For the 16th stage of the 2022 World Championships, MotoGP is stopping in Motegi for the Japanese Grand Prix. It starts from the recent success of Bastianini (Ducati Gresini) at Aragon MotorLand, ahead of Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati) and Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia). Two news of the weekend are the presence of two other Japanese riders such as Takuya Tsuda (Suzuki), the 38-year-old test rider for the team with a 1st MotoGP start, who will take charge of injuries Joanne Mir and Tesota Nagashima (Honda), 30 with 87 appearances. And one success in Moto2.
The PL1 session – exceptionally, to assist the logistics of the teams – will be the only session this Friday and will not last 45 minutes but rather 75 minutes. Let’s sum up the weekend times:
Friend PL1 8.05-9.20
PL2 Saab 3.50-4.35
PL3 Sab 7.25-7.55
Q1 Sab 8.05-8.20
Q2 SAP 8.30-8.45
Dom warm-up 3.40-4.00
Gara Dome 8.oo

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