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Missing less and less in the second European date of Lazio. Tomorrow is a team I will seeIn search of the second victory after the victory over Feyenoordwill be treated Central Jutland At the MCH Arena. Coming soon Lazio coach and Matias neighbor He will speak at the press conference to present the match against the Danes. Follow the live broadcast on

What characteristics do Danes have?

“This year they made an initial stage of the tournament with a lower tone than previous years, but it is a team that has toured Europe for years. Last year they drew in Bergamo in the Champions League, a result that was not easy as we know very well. The year they lost the final against Benfica, they are used to matches of this kind. They have cunning attackers, when they stay inside the game they manage to get great cadence and aggressiveness, which puts any opponent in difficulty. Humility is a must, as the character will be obligated to try to lead the game without feeling able to lead it. “.

Should we expect a lot of changes?

“We’ve changed more in the league than in the cup. Obviously a little bit of rotation has to be done, because here we have two months where the boys will play every two days. I’ll hear from someone on TV that the teams will now have time to work. But that’s not true at all. , they all go to the national team, but they will play a game every three days also for the national team. In these two months, the boys will have a great game Number of games. It’s a spirit of survival, not a spin. It comes naturally, as I’ve always thought: There’s no point in Planning. You have to travel within sight, those who are tired stay out, those who are good to play without causing too many problems. So the rotation will probably continue.”

I already played here with Napoli, how much does the environmental factor weigh?

“From the current squad I think at the time there was only Pione Sisto. A small stadium but usually in Europe they fill it in, so the sounding board in the stadium is like a big stadium. The football field.”

Too early to say you passed the continuity test?

“We’ve never won three games in a row, so our continuity is four days at the moment.”

Your Maximian?

“Provedel has done well and the goalkeeper’s material expenditure is less. At the moment, it seems that changing the goalkeeper to a defensive line has already changed three players is very big. Everyone’s time will come, even in their last three games they have played in 19 different players. And it will come Time also for the other two goalkeepers. Now the selection because 80% of the division didn’t change. We tried to keep him who was the least physical.”

How much have you grown mentally?

“It is measured over the long term. I have good feelings because in training I see that they have levels of application and focus with more stability than last year. The answer will come to us with time.”

About Cancellieri…

“He’s in good shape, he doesn’t have any flexor dissatisfaction as we thought he would be on Sunday. He trains regularly, he finds space. He participates in all the matches. He has a lot more space than in Verona at the same time. Phase of the season. I’m happy, obviously with him we’re going a double lane and that might be a problem for him, because he might slow him down in both turns instead of speeding him up by deciding on the turn..Now we need her in two positions, let’s see tomorrow if he leaves or It enters … but in short, it is always taken into account.”

What are the differences between Lazio and Naples who came here a few years ago?

“It’s a team with different characteristics than Napoli. This was a team more than a player, this team also has that quality but tends to move more vertically. It tends to dribble less and restart immediately to go straight into goal. I hope this is a first.” The team has a lot of room to improve and grow, and I hope it can become as strong as Napoli … with some titles to win.”

How is the patient?

“Pedro trained with us this morning, and he seems to be in the process of being resolved. We left Zakani at home because he needs treatment and we have the equipment in Formello. The primary is with us because he doesn’t need certain treatments, but if it’s the way it is this morning I don’t think he’s He can do that.”

Does the enthusiasm of the crowd increase your responsibility or does it excite you more?

“There is no great responsibility. We know very well that we are not yet a team ready to achieve maximum goals, but our people also know very well. There is no air of responsibility. This love they make us feel is beautiful, it gives our sense of belonging to something. It makes us feel That we are more a group and a sense of belonging.”

Publication date 9/14