Lombard trio, but how many stakes in the final! Sekulov is almost insane in return, Drago saves everything. Brambilla’s second knockout

A crazy game that was about to give a crazy heart ending. Finally celebrate Renate But it’s a sweaty party from the Nerazzurri, considering the three-point advantage that was signed thanks to Cudrig’s own goal, Marano’s shot and Mallotti’s penalty kick. there Juventus next general He remains in ten men for the expulsion (double yellow card) imposed on Stramaccioni. But the boys at Brambilla don’t lose heart, they keep attacking, risking a few counterattacks but reigniting hope with the penalty kick that Ravia flawlessly turned around. In the end, Sekulov (who uncovers the dead Da Graca) reopens everything. And he almost got a thrilling equalizer, when, in the 92nd minute, he boosted Drago’s reactions with his first intent shot one step away from the big goal. Good, then, is the reaction of the young Bianconeri’s rampant, even if the score on the record declared a second consecutive defeat after a home knockout against Padua. And the next day there will be another favorite of the group, perhaps the strongest team in absolute terms, Vicenza. Niccolò Anfosso thanks you for following us. Good evening continuation, see you next time!

95′ Senkó drives Morachioli out of the area after a foul by Turicchia in yellow. It’s the last feelings of the meeting. Triple whistle!

94′ Squeezato wraps up, Senku answers the call!

93′ A foul by Ghezzi who can block it but is very altruistic when, instead of shooting at the goal defended by Cinco, he rewards Maistrello’s entry, thus favoring Nzouango’s recovery.

92′ see one step up from 3-3!!! Crazy Dragon Parade! Illuminate Rafia who jumps on the opponent like a pin and passes the serve to Sikulov, who got the correct score on the first intention, but found Drago’s answer with open hands!

90′ Five minutes of recovery at the Cita de Meda.

89 & # 39; Juventus is now fully poured into the attack. who was under a man and was under three nets, but he found two who rekindled the flame of hope.

88′ Brambilla believes in him and tries everything, even with the help of new forces. Inside Lipari instead of Ferducci.

86′ Sikulov reopens it!!!!! The next generation of JUVE never dies! Rebuilding the net: Squizzato loses blood in the middle of the field due to pressure from Sersanti. Central dispatch in Sekulov’s winning bet, which hacks Drago and gives the whole team a load of hope!

86′ Baldasen! Opportunity for Renate, with the former Viterbizi midfielder receiving the first time from Angleri, so at the moment of the shot hits Nzuango in full. Possibility of fading out the final Nerazzurri extension.

85′ Five minutes plus recovery by the end of the game. Keep attacking the next generation of Juventus in search of 3-2.

82 & # 39; Renate does a double swap: Squizzato detects Esposito. Ghazi enters the place of the tired Maluti.

80′ Raffia Spiza Drago! 3-1!

79 ‘Penalty for Juventus Next General! Corner drawn by Rafia towards the center. Palumbo nodded and sent Anguili’s arm: his yellow and a black and white penalty.

78′ Maestrillo misses poker! Morachioli expands Malotti’s compass, a striker dump that ends with Senko’s arms.

72 & # 39; Double substitution for Juventus Next Gen: outside Cudrig, in place inside Sekulov. As well as Biso abroad, it was captured by Palumbo.

70′ Chance for Juventus! Sersanti takes the central street and tries to touch below to beat Drago, who raises the wall again and saves Renate’s door.

67 & # 39; Rinat plays smoothly. Juventus tries with Besso, in an incursion that failed in an accidental moment in the area.

65 & # 39; Double substitution in Rinat: Rossetti is out Maestello. Marano gave way to Simonetti.

63 ‘Change for Brambilla: in Nzuango to Bonetti. Now the Bianconeri is considering not compromising any other goals, given the numerical inferiority.

60′ Maluti is falling, it’s a deep night for the next Juventus! Senku senses the crossed low shot, but it is not enough to intercept it.

58′ Penalty kick for Renate. Shot from outside by Baldassin, Stramaccioni stands in his way with his arm. And he, moreover, has already been warned. Juventus in ten men!

55 & # 39; Good chance for Juventus. It all comes from a missing ball sticking out of Rinat, recovering Bonetti trying to enter the winning symbol towards Raffa, who doesn’t find the perfect hook and then slips to keep contact with the ball.

54′ A little madness between the feet of the home team players: Unused restart, Juventus can start over.

48 & # 39; Fair chance for the young Bianconeri: the naive Anghileri, gets the ball by Rafia, who doesn’t find the ball’s effect head-on with Drago.

47′ In Juventus Next Gen, a change to try to give more dynamism to the offensive front: Brambilla calls Da Graca back off the bench, and Cerri takes his place.

46′ starts again in the second 45th minute of the match.

the other half

————————————————– ————————————————– ———

45 ‘The first part ends here at the ‘Città di Meda’ stadium. The owners of the land are two goals ahead of the Bianconeri. Now pause for a few minutes and then here again, to tell you about 45 seconds of confrontation.

44′ The tenure and benefits administration phase of Renate. The Nerazzurri don’t see the need to pick up the pace given the double advantage. Another corner well calibrated by Esposito, freed the Juventus backguard.

42′ Three minutes plus recovery at halftime.

40 & # 39; In the Bianconeri’s best moment, given the frequent occasions Drago has rejected, here comes the Renate double.

38 ‘ Marano signs the double for Renate! El Karom assists the Nerazzurri midfielder, who finds the ball on the left just near the penalty spot, finding his way to 2-0 with a surgical shot that kisses the net.

36′ First substitution of the match: Columbine is out due to a physical problem. Its place is Ermacura.

35 & # 39; Double chance suitable for the next generation of Juventus! Rafia’s first kick is dry but Drago answers the call, and therefore, on the rebound, the Maharmovic thrower, which enhances the Nerazzurri goalkeeper’s reactions, with the help of Angeli to block the way to the tie.

30 & # 39; Half an hour into the game. Hosts who are attacked every time have the ability to make themselves dangerous.

28′ A little while ago, Esposito’s free kick ended with a massive and completely inflated force.

26′ Urgent move from Juventus. But it does not materialize on the offensive front.

23′ Juventus’ second yellow card: Stramaccioni ends up on the baddies book for stopping the central run by Rossetti, one of Renate’s most active players in the first half of the first half.

21′ Coddrig! He turns quickly and fires the fast and powerful slash, dodging Drago in two strokes.

19′ STAY CLOSE TO DOUBLE! Rossetti devours the depth gained from running, the ball on the left and left crossed. Inaccurate response from Senko and the ball was randomly delivered to the feet of Maluti, who was unable to find the quick hole for the net.

17′ Juventus Nex Gen responds and has no intention of giving up. Turicchia builds left from within the area, but the procedure isn’t exact and the path climbs to the stars.

15′ Let’s reconstruct the action that led to the goal: a corner kick on the near post, it was really great against Cinco, Silva was close too, but it looks like the final touch was Coudrig’s touch. Complete confusion, but the essence does not change: Renate has the advantage.

14′ Renewal goal! Autogol from Cudrig In a furious clash, the hosts have the advantage

12′ The tunes are gradually picking up, and now Renate can count on a corner kick.

11′ Warning from Cudrig. Rio, according to the race director, simulated contact in the Lombard region with Angeli, having jumped to Colombini with the quality of a sombrero.

9′ Repeat in offensive direction: Maluti’s unfinished header. The sprint enemy of the Nerazzurri began.

7′ Esposito in an offensive signal: Silva’s header has been searched and found, whose header ends at the back of the pitch without any pretense of hurting Juventus’ goal.

5′ Good and effective restart for the hosts: Mallotti empties the right flank and the Juventus back keeper blocked it.

3′ Juventus who immediately tried to keep the center of gravity high, putting difficulty in the first stage of pressure in building the reins.

1 ‘The match has started at the Cita de Mida

————————————————– ———–

17:20 Squads that have finished their usual warm-up routine. A few moments and you’ll be off.

17:10 The two teams clashed in the playoffs last season. The young Bianconeri’s falter remains on the minds of Renate fans. Therefore, in twenty minutes, the two teams will be ready to challenge each other again, at the Città di Meda stadium. Numbers on hand, Rinat lost on his debut at Piola di Novara, before imposing himself on Sangiuliano City and the first draw of the season, obtained in the midweek round against Pro Vercelli.

17:05 Official lineups. In Juventus 4-2-3-1 with Ravia, Besso and Codrigue behind the only striker da Graca. Here are the coaches’ choices:

Rinat (4-3-3): Dragon. Angilieri, Angeli, Silva, Colombini; Baldassin, Esposito, Marano; Malotti, Rossetti, Moraccioli Available Forlanetto, Mina, Bosente, Ermacura, Gavazzi, La Rotonda, Squizzato, Simonetti, Gezi, Maestrello, Scorpio All. Andrea Dessina

Juventus (4-2-3-1): Senko. Turicchia, Muharemovic, Stramaccioni, Verducci; Cersante, Bonetti; Besso, Rafia, Codrigue; from Graca. Raina, Daffara, Nzouango, Sekulov, Zuelli, Cotter, Iocolano, Lipari, Palumbo, Cerri, Citi All. Massimo Brambilla

RuleBy: Alfredo Iannilo Messina. helpers: Matteo Negri from Trieste and Leonardo Tissi from Lucca. Fourth man: Stefano Mellon from Torrianova.

17:00 Good evening, dear readers Tuttojuve.comNiccolò Anfosso welcomes you to the live broadcast of Renate, the next Juventus generalChallenge valid for the fourth day of the first group of the third division. The Bianconeri want to make up for the recent defeat against Padova.