Memorial Remo Noli – Teramo’s Triumph at Spicchi with Vigor Matelica

The first version of the memorial “Remo Noli” ends with Teramo in Spicchi raising the cup to the sky. After winning the semi-final against Pescara Basket (82-65), Red and White actually beat Vigor Matelica 71-69 in a thrilling match to the finish. An affirmation that allowed us to honor the very best initiative that President Fabio Nardi and the entire TaSp Board of Directors so desperately wanted to remember a special friend of Teramo in Spici and Teramo basketball who died prematurely in December 2020. Third place in the event, during which a commemorative plaque was handed over to Salvatore and Loredana, my late father Remo Noli, and Ferentino’s basket to coach Gianluca Lolli (the only golden C team, while the other three teams will play the Second Division Championship in the 2022/23 season), a 69-65 (post-match) win over Pescara Basket.

Amar Balic was elected as the best player of the tournament, the author of two masterful tests (17 points and 8 assists in 19 minutes of use against Pescara and 17 points with 8 rebounds in the final won over Matelica) that greatly impressed the audience. Among the double digits of points in both races were also Lorenzo Calpini (15 + 16), Sebastiano Perin (10 + 10) and Luigi Cianci (13 + 10). Positive signs for a team that did not use Imedo di Donato as a precaution to allow the captain to recover better from the minor injury he suffered in the Super Cup derby against Rossetto. The only drawback in my two basketball days and memories was Calpini’s left knee injury which will obviously be monitored in the coming days in light of the clinical examinations and specific visits that the young talents from Pissarro will undergo.

Besides this negative attitude, which arose during the weekend in basketball and affection for the parents of Remo Noli held in Aquaviva, there are still many positive responses to the initiative of Teramo in Specci: “We very much wanted to organize the tournament and dedicate it to Remo – commented TaSp 2K20 president Fabio Nardi – whom we were all very close to. We shared many good moments with him both on the basketball court and off the basketball court. It seemed like the least we could do with a special friend like Remo and it was nice to have Salvatore and Loredana in these two days This is the first edition of the event and we want to continue the championship in the coming years so that its memory is always strong and connected to basketball, the passion that united us for decades.”

Finally, the historic captain of Teramo Basketball then Gianluca Lolli, coach of the Basketball Ferentino, commented on the memorial: “I was very happy to participate in this tournament. I knew Remo well, he is a great fan and a great fan of basketball and I thank Teramo a Specchi very much for inviting us …So the virtual hug goes to Remo and to his parents Salvatore and Loredana who I had the pleasure of meeting again at Aquaviva before the races.So I could not refrain from participating in Remo first of all so that I could return to Teramo, where I lived beautiful moments of My life. I am therefore very happy to be invited to participate in an event that was impeccably organized by the staff of Teramo at Specci. I am also satisfied with the way we played in both matches after only three weeks of training in the legs.”