Mercedes AMG C 63 SE performance, from F1 changing the rules – tests and news

Say goodbye to bulky and heavy V8s. After 55 years of massive transformation of Mercedes production models by resorting to large displacement and high-powered engines, AMG – the armed arm of the three-headed star of motorsport – changed the page and brought the first production car to market with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine at the front and an electric unit. on the rear axle with a total power of 680 hp. The high-performance hybrid technology borrowed from Formula 1 in the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE is a literally game-changer. It brings to market a sedan and wagon – a derivative of the C-Class – which has become the reference in its own class not only for absolute performance (0-100 in 3.4 seconds) but for the car’s response as power and torque are delivered automatically and instantly as in Formula 1.

Electric support for the exhaust gas turbocharger eliminates the turbo lag of the internal combustion engine, while electric all-wheel drive, at the same time, pushes power from a standstill.
“With the performance of the C 63 SE, a new chapter in the history of our brand has opened – 55 years after the founding of our company, we continue to be energized by the courage and will to put our creativity into practice, and to realize our own ideas,” said Philip Schimmer, Chairman of the Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. The new C 63 is a game changer.”
Its revolutionary concept – continued Schiemer – completely renews the approach to the sector, which until now has been marked by the promise of outstanding performance. It’s true that with a total of 680 horsepower, we’ve kept that promise, but the clever P3 Hybrid Concept offers so much more. I am sure that with this technology we will be able to take care of a new target. “The high-performance 400-volt electric powertrain and battery, developed in-house and exclusively by AMG, underscore the engineering competence of the Affalterbach designers.
As in Formula 1, the innovative Direct Cell Cooling battery is precisely sized to deliver and collect power quickly. In the combined cycle, the total power is 680 hp, and the maximum total torque is 1,020 Nm, which is new high values ​​for the C-Class. All-wheel drive, AMG Performance, is fully variable and also equipped with a Drift mode. The high-performance battery has a capacity of 6.1 kWh, continuous power of 70 kW and peak power of 150 kW, and it can be connected for ten seconds. It allows a range of 13 km all-electric. AC charging is carried out at a charging station, charging box, or household power socket using a 3.7 kW on-board battery charger. “With its high-performance hybrid engine and electrically assisted exhaust gas turbocharger – explains Jochen Hermann Cto of Mercedes-AMG GmbH – the new C 63 SE Performance is a masterpiece that represents a new beginning. The electric powertrain guarantees an unprecedented driving experience. The immediate response of electric propulsion is On the rear axle, the quick delivery of torque and power, but also the storage capacity of our battery are very special features. To all this, rear axle steering has been added as standard and fully variable to all wheel drive with drift mode.”
The design of the new C 63 S has the narrower proportions of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and both versions (sedan and wagon) are based on the largely revised AMG chassis. The length of the front is 50 mm, the front fenders are wider and more rounded. The eight driving programs Dynamic Select AMG Electric, Comfort, Battery Hold, Sport, Sport +, RACE, Slippery and Individual are completely tuned with the new driving technology, thus offering a wide range of possibilities, from consumption to dynamic driving . Driving programs allow you to adjust important parameters such as engine and gearbox response time, steering characteristics, damping or sound. However, one thing is the same for all programs: the peak power of the electric motor can be called up with a 150 kW boost through the revving function.
Also standard is the AMG Dynamics Driving Dynamics Control system, which influences the electronic stability program control strategies, all-wheel drive and the electronically controlled limited-slip differential. Agility increases without compromising stability.

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