Mercedes boss scares Ferrari: The goal is clear

Mercedes’ garage manager Wolff has clear ideas about the team’s goal from here to Abu Dhabi and related to Ferrari.

When there are six races left until the end of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship, the constructors’ general classification tells us that Red Bull With 545 points, 406 from Cavallino and 371 from Stella. But if the energy is untouchable there, between Ferrari and Mercedes The game is still open.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff (photo by La Presse)

By comparing the behavior of the two teams, the German team turned out to be less bad, both in terms of the strategies adopted in the race and from the drivers’ point of view. Rather, it was the technical deficit that she presented to himself in Bahrain due to excessive determination to overcome it. Specifically, the lateral bellies, reduced to the bones. Overall in Stuttgart they hit the podium 13 times. At Maranello 14, with four hits, and three LeclercAnd one at Silverstone from Signs.

So the interpretation of certain numbers is more competitive F1-75, at least in the early stages of the year. But then, the Italian team’s overall setbacks faltered as the German team grew, with the help of FIA. Amendments to the regulations made at the Canadian Grand Prix and reinforced in Belgium somehow gave a hand to W13 Weakened by porpoises. That annoying commute, which now seems like a memory, but made Hamilton’s first-couple races somewhat turbulent. Physically, to cause back pain. And performance that was slow to come.

At Mercedes have no doubt about the future

Back in the last racing weekend, at Monza, George The third step of platform E has been completed Louis Fifth. A result not far from that of the Modena team, given that Charles Crossed the finish line in second place e Carlos in fourth place.

“It was the best we could have given that the Brianza track was not suitable for our car“, It was Silver Arrows Wall Head Hot Hanging This is wolf.

With appetite comes with eating, and direct competitors have proven to lack clarity several times this season, the Austrian coach has made no secret of having big ambitions from now on to the Yas Marina Grand Final. The feeling you get in their garage is a sense of confidence in their ability to make it the second powerhouse on the field.

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I think it’s a game that still has to be played. We just need to be at our best every weekendYou have incited transcendence in intentions and intentions. Just a successful installation and perhaps the most important step could turn into a breath of fresh air in a complex period. We shouldn’t forget that Mercedes has dominated since 2014.”Maybe a little bit could cheer us up. However, the separation we suffer from the leader weighs heavily on us. We’re talking about 30″. This is all still closed‘, thought of making it clear that there is still a long way to go to return to past levels.