Milan is strong, very strong. Why Pioli changes. Soundtrack by Milano and Edith Piaf

Stefano Pioli’s anger is the same that afflicted all Milan fans, after an impressive performance that was not enough to avoid a second league defeat in 2022. What is the result of this negative result? Someone claims that the coach made the wrong changes between the first and second half. The AC Milan coach, upon entering the dressing room in the first half, discovered that Calabria had muscle discomfort, which is not serious but would certainly put him in danger for the match to continue. It was a matter of deciding whether to keep Kiar, who was also warned, perhaps not very appropriate to help the American player distinguish Kaffa, or the inclusion of Kalulu, two of his most important traits. In terms of speed and interactivity. Bewley chose the second solution, not so lucky due to Dest’s error. However, this remark on Pioli’s changes does not seem justified, because, even in the second half as in the first, Milan’s poor defense suffered from very few conclusions from Raspadori, Politano and their colleagues. Tomori sure made a mistake missing Simeone in tagging, which is certainly a critical and critical mistake, but the focus throughout the ninety minutes on performing “Joystick” seemed to me to be attentive and on the level of his prettiest game. . The fact that the best on the pitch for Napoli was the great goalkeeper Merit, speaks to a defense that was the most difficult during the whole match. However, it is known that the result requires judgments and criticism.

Ironically, in the face of public praise and appreciation for the game shown by the Rossoneri players, one of the highest scores for Giroud was 6.5, while the grandiose performance of Benacer and Tonali, the devastating match of Theo Hernandez, was the effective means of Calabria, who only once passed by the Georgian, was You suffer from just enough poverty. The common notion among many Rossoneri fans at the moment is linked to the hope of seeing the team always play with the levels of quality and intensity offered against Napoli, which, for much of last season and this season, has emerged, in terms of play and maneuverability, the only one capable of competing with eh kids. C Milan. Of the ten matches at these levels, Milan can lose one, draw another and definitely win the other eight. Pioli, more rational and attentive than me, I certainly wouldn’t agree when I talk about an unlucky match, but if I think of the post four minutes after the end or the minus, in the most important game of this first part of the season, Liao I don’t change my mind about the randomness of the outcome. There are those who object that Napoli also lacked their strongest striker, Osimhen, but I would always like to play for Milan against all the Italian squads and many European squads. With everyone available here and there. Because Milan is very strong and strong.

Now analyzes and medicines to heal the wounded. The Rossoneri are losing one of the strongest defenders in Europe, Theo Hernandez, but I hope he recovers from the first leg against Chelsea. For a moment, let’s pretend that Pioli decided to give a player who spends more than 90 minutes a rest, because of those seven, eight, nine “repetitions” of 70 meters in each game. It seems to me that the problem associated with the central attacker is more serious. So far, we don’t know what the recovery times will be for Rebic and Origi, who both suffer from treacherous illnesses. It is now easy to criticize market commissioners about options, or the lack of options, about the role of the central attacker. Origi was accused of unpredictable inflammation. Rebek is the first herniated disc case I can remember in recent years. Let us instead enjoy the striker who, in terms of charisma, quality of performance, and presence, does not make Zlatan Ibrahimovic regret it. Today “Oliviero lo Sparviero” Giroud also surprises me, not so much for the goals he scores, but because of the physical condition that allowed him to play several matches in a row, without losing clarity and intelligence. Great, very great “Gerator Cortez,” who flipped out victorious on Sunday. Today, the soundtrack to Milan, led by the French striker, can be translated by the queen of French song, Edith Piaf. “Tu me fais tourner la tete! “.Yes my dear Olivier, you make us dizzy… while you make the ball roll into the net!!!