Milan – Napoli 1-2, goals by Politano, Giroud and Simeone

The Rossoneri raise the white flag after a series of 22 beneficial results in a row. Politano (penalty kick), Giroud and Simeone score. Satan strikes two crossed rods

After Inter and Juventus, Milan fall too: on Sunday they are craving the three most numerous fans in Italy (not since the sixth day of the 2015-16 season), who watch the others celebrate and go to the championship break. complete doubts. Naples is hilariously enjoying: a blue ride at the San Siro and a suspension of first place, thanks to a flash of Simeone and a bit of good luck. Pioli relives the defeat he has not known in the Italian league since January: 22 games before, Spezia and on that terrible evening for referee Serra.


There are two unexpected names in Milan’s starting lineup: if the presence of Kjaer in place of Kalulu stuns above all else to think of the speed of the Napoli attacking trio Politano-Raspadori-Kvaratskhelia, then Krunic on the left side of the attack is surprising as the Bosnian has recovered from an injury. So it’s not the Saelemaekers who replace the unqualified Leao by changing the proficiency range, but Messias at the expense, because Saele is still the novice on the right, next to the other Belgian De Ketelaere. Instead, Spalletti – and Dominicini on the bench in his place – plays as expected, with a 4-3-3 score that sees Anguisa, Lubotka and Zelensky in the middle.

jerod’s cross

He looks ready out and Pioli’s defensive move is immediately precarious, as Kjaer knocks out Kvaratskhelia who was quickly advancing on the left. It will happen again in the 18th minute, but in the meantime Milan rose with blows, and carried out Pullian’s intrigues at a good pace. Krunich also puts quality in it: there’s his hand when Giroud hits the crossbar (Merrett is very good at skew) and there’s his spoon when the French involuntarily hit a potential goal from Calabria, following a bird-side entry by de Kitilari. Once again he, Krunic, almost interrupted Milan’s drought under a “kick-kick goal”, but nothing, Meret does not cooperate. Therefore, Napoli for a long time had to chase and bounce because Spalletti does not like her, he is encouraged and puts his nose. First with a “backdoor” that mentions Insigne and Callejon’s best explanation: Zielinski’s firing from the left trocar, Politano stamps the card on the right shaft, but does not find the winning effect. Then with a few flashes of cunning Kvaratskhelia, who warns Calabria, so far eager to contain it. We go to rest without a net and feel that everything has not happened yet.

Question and Answer

This yellow color worries Commander Bewley, who in the interval decides two changes: Inside Dest for Calabria and Kalulu for Kjaer. Crash destination, sorry, crash test arrives right away: Kvaratskhelia points the American in the area and goes to the ground, Mariani leans toward the corner but Irrati al Var calls him for field review, penalty kick. Around it Politano, the third green ring occupied by the visiting fans explodes, while the number 21 in the blue jersey responds to the southern Rossoneri’s insults. Inertia goes to Napoli’s side, then Pioli throws Diaz-Mesias’ husband into the fray and the Brazilian almost doesn’t equalize immediately. But it’s a small matter: the 69th minute, Hernandez broke through on the left and put in the middle for Giroud, who from the small area does not forgive. San Siro roars, 1-1, the match taking place again.

Lambo Cholito

Meanwhile, Cholito Simeone joined the match, joining Zerbin. And in those situations, when matches lose some order and instinct counts, the Argentine gives his best. Less than ten minutes have passed since Giroud’s goal when Simeone cleaned a ball on the edge of the Rossoneri’s area, touched it to Mario Rui and went to receive a pass back into the area: a perfect header and Minnian could not avoid the 2-1 goal. on me? Certainly not, because Milan’s heart and pride are the main weapons to winning the Scudetto. Luck is lacking, however, at least tonight. And so, when Kalulu starts and ends with an eighty-meter squash hitting the second crossbar in the evening, even Bewley knows that the first defeat of the season will come. Napoli stopped in the lead with Atalanta. Milan is fourth, behind Udinese as well. Weird season jokes and not just because there is a World Cup in between.