Milan, Pioli has two problems to solve in two weeks

Well, Liao’s absence is a lot heavier, but Milan – and not just yesterday – are discovering that they are struggling in defence. And newcomers fail to prove their existence

Milan’s unbeaten run on late summer evenings ended against Napoli, while Rafael Leao continues. Satan’s loss after 22 matches on the same evening that the Portuguese missed due to disqualification may have been a coincidence, or perhaps not. We’ll never have counter-proof, but in short, the only sure thing is that with Rafa it would have been a completely different challenge. And this is despite the return of Raddy Krunic as a starting player after a long hiatus due to injury, he also made an important contribution in the offensive phase, as he came close to scoring and assisting.

DNA attack

Without Liao, Di Lorenzo and Rahmani’s encounter on Sunday was less complicated than he would have expected with his former Lila on the field. But Milan still found a way to make themselves dangerous on the left front: just a few minutes were enough to understand that Hernandez would have spent at least the same amount of time in the opposite half of the field to dedicate to the defensive phase. And if Pioli had derailed everyone for the night a little, suggesting that the Saelemaekers had changed sides to make the vice of Rafa, in the end the void left by the Portuguese tried to fill it with many: Theo, Kronich and even de Kitilari, freedom to vary from the center to the sides of the line Behind Giro. Leao gives tremors, accelerations: dispensing with them, Milan threw it on desire and enthusiasm, building a lot but failing to combine clarity and intensity.

rediscover defense

The downside was the series of defensive errors that allowed Napoli to make the most of the chances created. Both Kjaer and Calabria were in trouble even before the switch, and Dest didn’t understand much, but overall it’s the frequency with which the Rossoneri score worrying goals: 7 in the last 5 matches between the tournament and the Champions League, with a running row. Which starts from the derby and reaches Naples through Salzburg, Sampdoria and Dinamo Zagreb. Important opponents must be said, but in the final last season, Milan closed the door of Minnian more effectively, while now something admits.

And what’s new?

It will take more patience to see the new signings perform at their best, or at least at Milan level. Pioli – who said after the race that he was pleased with the performance and only angry with the result – defended De Ketelaere with the sword: “Best performance since he’s been here, even if it’s obviously from someone of his quality you can wait a few goals.” The damned was directed to the CDK, he tried, he was about to pack help to Calabria “swept” by the Giro instead, but the impression is that at a distance he still lacks the physical and mental capacity to fight battles like the one with Naples. In Dest, it would be unkind to anger, beyond strictness. And in the last quarter of the hour, between regularization and recovery time, Adly also caught a glimpse. At the moment, Yassin is the real mystery: outside the champions list, the third choice among the attacking midfielders. But plan with hasty judgments, we’re still summer, even if only for a short time.