Molisana Campobasso goes to Ragusa

A “basic” test is now in the preparatory season #fiorid Acciaio. For the third year in a row, La Molisana Magnolia Campobasso will be the protagonist at the “Francesco Passalacqua” memorial, the event – now in its seventh edition – organized by Virtus Eirene Ragusa. And as in 2020, the event format will feature a double confrontation between rossobl and iblee: Saturday with the duo at 19.30, on Sunday, instead, starting at 18.

In their entirety (in fact, there are no problems among the Campobassan ranks), the Magnolias will leave for Sicily on Saturday, early afternoon, and on Sunday morning, in the PalaMinardi structure (the seat of comparisons), they will also leave supporting a light session of work.

Indeed, the island meeting of #fiorid Acciaio is a watershed moment in preparation for the tournament, as Magnolias coach Mimmo Sabatelli well knows: “It is an opportunity to compare, every year we gladly welcome because it puts us in front of a team of absolute depth like Ragusa and makes us understand at what point we are at In our work, and because, on our part, there is infinite joy in sharing an event from the depths of a company with a wonderful synergistic relationship.”

PHASE PASSAGE From theirs, the magnolias come from another particularly busy week. “We have reduced the physical workloads – explains the coach – to increase, instead, the purely technical and tactical aspect, give more insights into the rules of the offensive game and enhance the effects of what our defensive philosophy is.”

Specific goals The intent – for Sabatelli – is to “take a step further compared to the Battipaglia test, and try not to make all those mistakes that appeared in PalaZauli, further falsifying defensive action”.

TRIPLE EX In a former crossover (Martina Kacerik and Giuditta Nicolodi on the Molise side, Samantha Ostarello on the island front), the rossobls will face a deeply changing team in the latter market with the assurances of Captain Chiara Consolini, of Nicole Romeo, of the unfortunate Martina Spinelli (for him further physical boredom) and the incubation products of Chessari, Di Fine and Sammartino, to which were added former Schio playmaker Francesca Dotto, American winger Keisha Hampton, Latvian pivotal Kristin Vitola, playmaker – former Venice guard Beatrice Atura and British pivotal winger Kristin Anejo.

“Ragusa was one of the top four last season in the league, a unifying strong position in the past tournaments. They changed coaches (after they ended the relationship with Recupido, the company decided to rely on Mirco Diamanti, editor) by choosing an expert technician who, in his recent experience with the A1, won the Scudetto. We are facing, in fact, a team with great experience and expertise, a demonstrative test, on our part, of the will to put them in a difficult situation to the end ».

LBF REFLECTORS In addition to parquet, satisfaction – in the rossobl’s house – also reaches the front of the awards. Indeed, Team Principal Antonella Palmieri has been elected Techfind Serie A1’s Best Manager for the 2021/22 season and will therefore be awarded the Francesco Alvisi 2022 Award, a sector-specific honor that will be awarded at the end of the month (Friday, September 30 from 9pm in the Cus Arena scenario in Sardinia in Cagliari On the occasion of the women’s basketball gala, two days before the opening day, the inaugural event of the tournament with the first day of competitions taking place in PalaCus, the capital of the island region.

Another award at the front of the players (where there will also be glory for a former Russoblo as Emilia Buff, the best player in the last A2 in the southern group) will then be given to Ecuadorean winger Blanca Quiñones, who was recognized as the best young man of 2022 in the Techfind A1 series 2021/22, a season that has shown significant progress thanks to averaging 7.1 points per game in 19 minutes of use by 49% from two and going in double digits in ten races for her, last August, turning 16.

Parks from ‘HIGH FIVE’ Also in Sardinia, among other things, there will be a focus on the outward appearance of the United States #fiorid Acciaio Robyn Parks in the middle of the format of the new ‘High Five’ women’s basketball league, an in-depth interview with tell all about his adventure in Basketball.