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4 million people evacuated: Hurricane Worship Japan is hitting Japan that has implemented exceptional security measures, but the natural disaster has already caused two casualties and more than 100 injuries. In this scenario, MotoGP hopes to be able to compete in the Japanese Grand Prix over the weekend, three years after the 2019 edition with Subsequent cancellation due to the pandemic.

The fact that the Motegi stage was later than the Aragon stage without an intermediate weekend was imposed exceptional program For logistical reasons with all three classes going to the track only once on Friday for one free practice session instead of the traditional classes. MotoGP will have 75 minutes on the track to make up for the single session.

In the ranking Francesco Bagnaia has only 10 points to recover Against Fabio Quartararo, who threatened 2019 winner Marc Marquez to the finish, who hopes after defeating Aragon that he can test his fitness at the race distance. Obviously, the big unknown this weekend will be the weather, with the program facing more turmoil.

The event will be broadcast live Sky Sport MotoGP mail in postponed be TV8. they are You will find live writing of sessions that will see MotoGP on track except for PL2 scheduled at night between Friday and Saturday. Below is the detailed programme, circuit characteristics and honor roll for the three categories.

MotoGP 2022, Japanese GP, session times
Friday 23 September
Watches 06.15-06.55, Moto3, PL1
Watches 07.10-07.50, Moto2, PL1
08.05-09.20, MotoGP, PL1 (written directly on
Saturday 24 September
RAW 02.00-02.40, Moto3, PL2
RAW 02.55-03.35, Moto2, PL2
RAW 03.50-04.35, MotoGP, PL2
Raw 05.35-05.50, Moto3, Q1
ore 06.00-06.15, Moto3, Q2
Raw 06.30-06.45, Moto2, Q1
Raw 06.55-06.10, Moto2, Q2
07.25-07.55, MotoGP, PL3 (written directly on
08.10-08.25, MotoGP, Q1 (written directly on
08.35-08.50 AM, MotoGP, Q2 (written directly on
Sunday 25 September
Raw 03.00-03.10, Moto3, warm-up
Raw 03.20-03.30, Moto2, Warm-up
RAW 03.40-04.00, MotoGP, warm-up
It’s 05.00 am, Moto3, racing
06.20 AM, Moto2, Racing
08.00 am Speedway, Race (Live written on
Programming on TV8
Saturday 24 September
12.00 Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP Qualifier Summary
Sunday 25 September
09.15 Moto3, Racing (Late)
10.30 Moto2, Race (late)
12.15 MotoGP, racing (late)

MotoGP circuit
Route: 4.8 km
Curves: 14, 6 to the left, 8 to the right
Width: 15 m
Longest straight path: 762 m

Albo Doro Motorcycles
2002 Valentino Rossi (Honda).
2003 Valentino Rossi (Honda).
2004 Makoto Tamada (Honda).
2005 – Loris Capirossi (Ducati)
2006 – Loris Capirossi (Ducati)
2007 – Loris Capirossi (Ducati)
2008 Valentino Rossi (Yamaha)
2009 Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha).
2010 Casey Stoner (Ducati)
2011 Daniel Pedrosa (Honda)
2012 Daniel Pedrosa (Honda)
2013 – Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha)
2014 – Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha)
2015 Daniel Pedrosa (Honda)
2016 Marc Marquez (Honda).
2017 – Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati)
2018 – Marc Marquez (Honda)
2019 – Marc Marquez (Honda)

Golden Dawn Moto 2
2010 Tony Elias (Moriwaki)
2011 – Andrea Ianon (Sutter)
2012 Marc Marquez (Sutter)
2013 – Paul Espargaro (Calyx)
2014 – Thomas Luthy (Sutter)
2015 – Johann Zarko (Calyx)
2016 – Thomas Luthy (Calyx)
2017 Alex Marquez (Calyx)
2018 – Francesco Bagnaia (Calix).
2019 – Luca Marini (Calix)

Golden Dawn Moto 3
2012 Danny Kent (KTM)
2013 Alex Marquez (KTM)
2014 Alex Marquez (Honda)
2015 Niccol Antonelli (Honda).
2016 Enya Bastianini (Honda).
2017 Romano Venati (Honda)
2018 Marco Pizzichi (KTM)
2019 – Lorenzo Dalla Porta (Honda)

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