Napoli Report Cards – all passed but Spalletti’s highest score: 8 for the coach!

Glasgow Rangers vs Napoli 0-3

Merit 6.5 – He is a goalkeeper found. With the market closed, a new chapter opened. In a fiery Ibrox match, in front of Rangers under constant pressure, it wasn’t always easy to play the ball on the ground but he tries every time he can. Then he made some remarkable interventions, including the one that occurred on the thirteenth on the strike from the distance of Arfield: from Batman Taglialatela to Batman Meret.

by Lorenzo 6.5 – Very hardworking, meticulous performance. He pays less than Mario Roy, he always defends with an order.

Kim Minjae 6.5 – Challenging game, hence his game. Always look for an advance, even if it comes at the cost of risking the wrong intervention. It’s the right strategy, it’s more like Coulibaly than it might seem at first glance.

Rahmani 6.5 – There is less time to think, and little room for preparation. Thus, the Kosovars do not despise the long pass on an evening that, from a defensive point of view, saw few flaws.

Mario Roy 6.5 – A favorite of Oliveira, he played a game in continuous offensive projection. Among the players who move the most without the ball, he often finds himself in the middle of the field in order to offer a game solution to his teammates. Match ready. From 77 Matthias Oliveira 6.5 – Trade with Raspaduri marking the goal 0-2.

Anguise 6.5 – In this overwhelming round of strength he missed no one. And all from the beginning: for the night he suffered from the physicality of his opponents until the expulsion of Sands, and then in numerical superiority everything was easier. A assist for the goal 0-3 was signed by Ndombele.

Lobotka 7 – Not an easy night. The Scots press hard as their first-half teammates – as the minutes pass – slip away more and more slowly from their path. But the Slovak is good at staying honest anyway, even when there are no solutions. In the end it turned out to be wonderful.

Zelensky 6 – McGregor plays it with him: he misses two penalties by always kicking the ball in the same direction. An episode that does not change the date of the match and during a match the Pole plays well. From 83 Ndombele 7 – Enter the 0-2 action, score a 0-3 goal. He couldn’t make better use of the few minutes available.

Politano 7 – He’s the one who kicked the heaviest ball in the match. After Zelensky missed the penalty twice, he turned up with a penalty kick and scored a very heavy penalty that made the match go downhill. Dal 77esimo Zerbin sv

Simeone 6.5 – At the age of eighteen, he has a great opportunity to unlock the game but finds an excellent MacGregor on his way. He fought, he suffers, but then in the second half he got a penalty that left the hosts outnumbered. D. 77esimo Raspadori 7 – He entered and less than ten minutes later he found his second goal in a Napoli shirt.

Kvaratskhelia 7 – He did not find the target, but another evening to frame the Georgian. Made of plays, jerks and conclusions. Dal 90esimo Elmas sv

Luciano Spalletti 8 – This Napoli has a clarity you would not expect. Even in the hottest basins, even during the seemingly more complicated evenings. He uses all the team but has his certainty. Napoli wins and has fun.