“Napoli was what I was looking for, and Mancini was also decisive. About the role and Spalletti…”

On the second day of the national team meeting, Napoli striker Giacomo Raspadori spoke at the press conference


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On the second day of the national team meeting, the Napoli striker Giacomo Raspadori He spoke at the press conference and answered questions from journalists present at Coverciano

Mancini made it clear yesterday that he counts a lot on the European champions. What is your state of mind?
“Starting over with those who have been here the longest I think is the right solution, we have to start over. Working is the only way we know how to rebuild, we have to work and follow our path with passion.”

England and Hungary, what did you say to each other?
“The only thing to worry about is the desire to perform well, to express oneself at best. These are two important matches that come at a time when there are many matches. We have to get there in the best possible way, especially from a physical point of view.”

Mancini said the next few months are going to be tough, how are you going to live it?
“Yes, it will be difficult months but we have to respond. We have to have the enthusiasm to move forward, and we can’t talk much about what it was like. We have to keep working and come back with that enthusiasm and desire to do well.”

How do you find enthusiasm?
“Enjoying on the pitch, we must play with big ambitions. I don’t think we are lacking in enthusiasm, but after such a great result I think it’s normal for something to happen. To reach a basic result.”

Mancini said you can do two roles, what did he ask of you?
“In the meantime, I thank the coach, being told I can fill more roles is an honor. For me it’s important to stay available for the team, I’ve always been generous and I hope to be able to help as always, commitment never fails.”

How do you live these months?
“Sure, moving to Naples was a big change, and that was what I was looking for. Although I was young I wanted to get into trouble, it was important for my way. I have always been a very ambitious boy and I live everything in balance, which is the most important something. Whether after success or after failure.”

How does the young Italian stand out? What changes for you in the model?
“For me with a striker by my side it is probably better, but I always played first as a striker and that is something I can do. I was fortunate enough to grow at a club like Sassuolo which gave me the opportunity to make mistakes. Gaining experience led me to more self-confidence. I started this The journey with Naples is to pursue my ambition, and the advice I can give is not to set limits, and to work without thinking about what is wrong.”

What makes you play near the door?
“I can stay close to the goal, and I think I express myself at my best in the central area of ​​the pitch, but I often played outside and I think the coach, as always, will make the best choices for the good of the team.”

How difficult is it not to participate in the World Cup?
“It will be very heavy, it is every child’s dream to play the World Cup with the national team. It will be a difficult moment, but we need to research more and build our future.”

Can you go and vote?
“We’ll probably have the opportunity and I think it’s going to be very important for everyone, and I think that’s the right and the best thing.”

Four European Championship seats, how much has this experience helped you?
“It was a wonderful opportunity that I never expected. From the beginning I was fortunate enough to join a special group in which I felt an integral part, and also felt in my own little way that I had done something important. In Naples I find myself very well, I can say that I entered into a family with companions They have a really important human depth.For a boy like me who comes from a completely different reality, he has a chance to adapt to

TMW-Mancini launched an appeal in June asking young people to take on new challenges. How long will this appeal help you to accept Naples without reservations?
It was definitely a very important aspect, hearing those words from the coach made me accept this new reality. It was a message that arrived and was important to my choice.”

What do you expect between Italy and England? Will there be a great rhythm?
“The type of match is that certainly at the beginning there will be a lot of intensity, maybe some technical errors, but we have to be able to keep pace with it.”

Do you dream of a night like the night of Inter vs Sassuolo?
“It would certainly be great… Entering this prestigious stadium in the national team jersey, you can’t help but dream of something big. We work every day to ensure that those dreams become reality.”

What would you like to bring from your team to this national team?
“One of the main things is the courage to take risks, to play forward and to be calm in the face of the game. This can be one of the aspects that can lead us to face the game in the best way.”

What was the effect of Spalletti?
“Very positive. I have to thank him and Napoli who wanted me at any cost, it was an important change I am facing trying to make myself available to the team”.

Who will you support in the World Cup?
“I don’t have any preferences, blue cheer is too strong.”

How is your study?
“I have an exam in October, and I’m also studying these days. I hope to graduate in two years (in sports facilities, editor), we need to set goals for ourselves in that too.”