Negative record in the history of red

Ferrari continues to frustrate the expectations of fans, and this 2022 year is a negative record. It never happened in the past.

2022 was also a hole in the water for Ferrari. Despite the many promises of the team manager Mattia Binotto And the president John Elkannthere was nothing to be done against Red Bull e Max Verstappenand soared toward the two world titles, with Modenese Scuderia having to play the supporting role.

Ferrari F1-75 (ANSA)

The start of the season has really made us dream, given the two successes they’ve had Charles Leclerc Obtained in the first three races. After “playing” the first three rounds, the Red Bull He gave wings, put a devastating double in Imola that reopened all matches, and moved to the top of the rankings since Barcelona.

From that moment on, Milton Keynes did nothing but lengthen from race to race, taking advantage of dramatic strategic errors. and reliability problems Ferrari. Added to this are the bloody driving errors of LeclercWho lost 39 points between Imola and Paul Rijkaard while Verstappen He was always practically perfect in all circumstances.

When the opponent is too strongWe can’t stand mistakes, but Red is clearly not ready to do all the great and hopefully he’ll be able to play it. Management Binotto It’s been going on since the beginning of 2019, meaning that this will be the fourth year that nothing will be won.

So far, in these three and a half years, Misery has reached seven victories, which is a really small numberinfluenced by the fast of 2020 and 2021. Among the positive things was a significant recovery in performance that occurred thanks to the change of regulations, but now Red Bull e mercedes He found the square, red slips back into the turn of the third force.

A movie that has been watched and reviewed, with the masses astray from the brilliant start, but the dream world actually lasted two to three months. Already after the collapse of the power unit in Baku, it was understood that there would not be much to do, and soon after that even the last hopes were lost.

Ferrari, another disturbing statistic for Red

Ferrari has set a lot of negative records in recent years, and towards the end of 2022 another record emerged that certainly will not satisfy. So far, this has been the worst start to an athlete’s decade, with a misery of four wins from the start of 2020 onwards, all coming this season.

In fact, between 1950 and 1952 there were ten victories, six of which were obtained Alberto Ascari, which in 1952 brought the title of first driver to Maranello. Between 1960 and 1962, there were five confirmations, but we should always remember that the scheduled races for each championship were roughly a quarter of those races today. Two wins went to phil hilland many of the Paul Richard Ginter.

Between 1970 and 1972, there were seven victories for FerrariFour of them were brought back by the Belgian Jackie Ickx. Between 1980 and 1982, Cavallino celebrated five victories, two of them Gilles Villeneuvetwo with Didier Pironi and one with Patrick Tambay. Between 1990 and 1992, the budget was saved from the year the contract was opened, with Alain Prost Who won on five occasions, leaving the win too Nigel Mansell.

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It is almost pointless to talk about the beginning of the new millenniumDeceive Michael Schumacher Who collected trophies, leaving five hits a Rubens Barrichello. Between 2010 and 2012, there were nine victories, all won Fernando Alonso. But for now, we can talk about three victories Charles Leclerc In 2022, to which is added Carlos Sainz conquered at Silverstone. We’ll see if Cavallino manages to salvage the balance of another unsuccessful season with some staged success.