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On September 21, 2022 at 10:45

Lots of news from newspapers, camps, and national team retreats about the injured league And not only. Below are the updates in the fantasy football key, bearing in mind that exchanges are open in many leagues.

ORIGI Divock’s comeback has been postponed again origi In Milan’s house. Announced today Gazzetta dello sportSpeaking about the Belgian striker, who stopped on the eve of Sampdoria due to injury: “Origi will return to Milanello next week, and the next striker has to move from the training ground to the stadium. He will not return with EmpoliOn resumption after the break, he could alternatively be available with Chelsea and then with Juventus. It’s a temporary squad, which Milan hope they won’t have to revise, a path that follows what has already been accomplished by Origi in Belgium. Instead, the seemingly minor problem (myalgia flare-up) became immediately more serious afterwards: Tendonitis has been added to the muscle problem. A diagnosis that led the player to Belgium, to be treated with the national team’s physiotherapist. All in cooperation with the medical staff of the Rossoneri: today Stefano Mazzoni, head of the Milan health district, will fly to him for a direct confrontation. Belgium and Milan work together and have the same interest: to get Divock back on the right track as quickly as possible,” it was reported.

Rome Stephan El Shaarawy recovered from the Inter match, but not only. at home Rome More news arrives on the injured and talks about it today Gazzetta dello sport: “Lorenzo Pellegrini He returned to Rome yesterday, reluctantly leaving the national team, because the discomfort of the flexor muscle did not pass, and therefore, instead of training separately at Coverciano, he will split between the gym and physiotherapy in Trigoria. On the other hand, Paulo Dybala posted a smiling photo while in Miami on an exercise bike with Messi. Jenny WijnaldumFinally, he appeared again on Instagram to say that the recovery is ongoing and he will do everything in his power to get back as soon as possible. The latter will remain until January, while Pellegrini and Dybala should both be with Inter. Conditional commitment, especially in the case of the Argentine, with spectator Roma with fingers crossed. Dybala He stopped in the warm-up against Atalanta in order not to compromise his position as soon as he felt discomfort in his left muscles: he did it for Roma, because he did not want to risk being absent for a long time, and he did it because he had to climb positions in the Scaloni pyramid. That is why the coach will decide how much and how to use it against Honduras and Jamaica: on paper he can return after the first game in Miami, but this is not necessarily the case. If he does all the American withdrawal, he will arrive in Italy just 48 hours before the San Siro match against Inter. At the moment, Paulo in the national team has been limited to outstanding work.

sticks – Don’t smear the words Gazzetta dello sport Today to talk about Alexander’s difficult moment sticks in Inter. Here is what the newspaper highlighted after the negative performance in Udine: “Blue, to tell the truth, also sat on the bench last year in favor of Demarco. But it is his attitude that makes the news. He always looked like he was “too young”. Udine’s broken reaction, the six kicks after the substitution, is on the contrary an indication of nervousness which is not very latent and certainly uncontrollable, neither on his part nor on the part of those around him,” we read.

Inside – The change is ready in Inter for the Roma match scheduled for the resumption of the tournament. Gazzetta dello sport He reviews the situation, from defense to midfield, here is the news: “The match against Roma will be an opportunity to see again Immature Owner: The former from Lazio is today what de Vrij cannot guarantee. It’s also a factor in the long throw, a weapon that was almost unused last season, but would come in handy specifically in light of the new tactical situation and the inclusion of the aforementioned Lukaku. The “new” Inter expects the final launch of JosensThe German is destined to take the starting shirt, because no one in the Inter team has the characteristics to fill this role anymore. It will be tastier novelty in the middle of the field. It is no longer time to postpone the launch Aslan. The statement said that the exclusion of Brozovic will give him a starting shirt.

Maria – No haven. Juventus believes the sports judge’s decision to disqualify the owners is correct Maria. reveal it today Gazzetta dello sportDi Maria will miss the Bologna and Milan matches, and will return to play in the derby with Turin on October 15. Juventus rules out the possibility of an appealThe sentence is fairly fair. In the meantime, the Argentine will be able to focus on the double Champions League match with Maccabi Haifa (5th leg and back on 11), which may determine the fate of Juventus in Europe,” it was reported.

jovich – Luca’s bad moment continues jovich. Fiorentina watching from afar, where the striker is busy with his country. Here is what is evident from Corriere dello Sport Today: “The bruise he brought with him from the weekend that made him say ‘No, I’m not at my best’ when Italiano invited him to start the warm-up phase to take charge of Fiorentina-Verona, is still the cause of Luka Jovic’s problems: at least that’s what the published photo tells us.” On the website of the Serbian Football Association, which appeared yesterday in web tours and which depicted the purple striker spectator during the training of the Dragan Stojkovic national team. A clear sign that the physical condition still does not allow Jovic to run and move as he would like on the field and for this reason and certainly in agreement with the medical staff , he skipped the scheduled session and was content with following his colleagues from the bench. Automatically, the former Real Madrid is currently in great doubt about the first of the two Nations League matches that Serbia should play on Saturday 24 against Sweden (the second on Tuesday 27, against Norway) “, as we read.

Verdi – Turn the sight to Simon Verdi In Verona’s house. After the break, as the player himself revealed in a recent interview, he will be in 100% physical condition. Cioffi and the fantasy coaches are waiting for him, and today he’s talking about that too Gazzetta dello sport: “A useful break for the technician is also to improve the inclusion of the latest arrivals in the market, relying on them completely and making them in a more solid state. In particular, this is the case of Simone Verdi. In Florence, for him, his first appearance with Hellas. Its effect was immediate: the pass Which Kallon doesn’t have in depth was a talent blow that gave Verona the only chance to snatch a tie. Terracciano’s exit eliminated the opportunity, but Verdi made it clear how important making Verona unexpected was so far not so much. Verdi, who was seen in part of the match with Fiorentina, is an expectation For what Cioffi asks. Moreover, his participation will allow Verona to return to 3-4-2-1, a unit with the double playmaker who has given so much to Verona, with other interpreters, in the past three years”, as we read.

frog – He was injured several months ago, Andrea frog Terminated the contract with Monza. It’s official: AC Monza announced that Andrea Ranuccia and the club have unanimously concluded the contract today. Monza thanks Ranucchia for these months spent together and wishes him all the best for the future.”