Nft, 5 newspaper covers that can be bought: Schiavone wins Roland Garros

For fans and collectors here is the front page of the rosary dedicated to the victory of the Italian tennis player, who in Paris became the first Italian to win a Grand Slam.

La Gazzetta dello Sport lands on Web3 with Nft . Special Collection. The collection will consist of a reproduction, in a limited edition, of the most beautiful historical first pages published in the newspaper in the last 126 years of sports, thanks to a collaboration with ChampionsThe web3 community dedicated to the world of sports that will allow you to live your passion up close through a unique and immersive experience. We tell you the story of the front pages that immortalized the unforgettable moments in Italian sport.

Do you identify a “possible” event that has never occurred in 126 years of history? Francesca Schiavone took the odds calculations and flipped it over with a one-handed backhand. The front page celebrates on June 6, 2010 its stunning victory at Roland Garros, the first in tennis history for an Italian athlete in a Grand Slam tournament; The first, also taking into account the men, since the time of Adriano Banatta, also the champion of the Parisian red in 1976. Before him, the role of Nicolas Petrangelli was always there twice. It is the holy land of blue tennis. From that moment on, he is, too. Schiavo wins the final, throws himself on the field and kisses it: that’s what the story knows.

on his way

“But how did you do that?” He asks himself, clasping his hands. Domination, with head and heart and great tennis – is the answer. In the tournament he loses only one set, the first, then slips 13. The last two are burning favorites Samantha Stosur, who was defeated in the final 6-4, 7-6 (2). What, then, is the “favorite” … what importance does it have to Schiavoni? The turn of the bet gave his victory to 150. In Italy they bet on two people, for a total of seven euros. However, we are almost 30 years old. On a pedestal, during the awards ceremony with microphone in hand, he asked himself: “What is Federer doing in these moments?” It doesn’t matter, she does what Francesca would do: she hugs the cup, she hugs him, she touches it with her lips as if they were in love. The first time they met, at the age of 18, he asked his mental coach: “Help me win Roland Garros and get to the top ten.” The next day that page will be number 6 in the world. The following year, she reached fourth place, as no other Italian followed her.


“Thank you,” wrote Vincenzo Martucci on the front page. He thanks you for the victory, the smile, and the “bloody reactions,” because you “come to the people and come back to the people.” She still does not know that in the future, we should thank her for opening the golden age of Italian tennis. Then there will be the US Open final in the blue between Flavia Pennetta and Roberta Vinci. The latter lost the match, consolidating herself by winning all the Grand Slam titles in my doubles with Sarah Irani. The same Iranian who was going to try to repeat the exploits of “Schiavu” in Paris, was only defeated in the final by Sharapova, in 2012. Francesca showed the way: this is possible. And it remains so to this day, at the point when boys took over from women. Matteo Berrettini knows it, he’s been to Wimbledon a lot. Hopefully soon we will get another historical front page of Italian tennis, but nothing will ever be like this one, because it all started from there.