No one ever succeeded

Max Verstappen also won control of Monza, but in addition to being successful on the stage, he has an incredible personality. That’s what it is.

The Italian Grand Prix also saw the victory of Max Verstappen, who has no intention of getting off that first class of the podium.. The Dutchman grinds his opponents like a steamboat, never thinking of managing his supremacy in the world rankings, but with the sole aim of winning race after race.

Verstappen (La Bresse)

The Red Bull It had fitted him with an RB-18 stratospheric plane, which from Belgium onwards took some really frightening steps forward. Rehabilitation has witnessed Ferrari From Charles Leclerc He took the stage, but the Milton Keynes team worked hard at the race pace, presenting themselves with a car more aerodynamically charged which allowed the Dutchman to manage his tires very well.

Verstappen’s stint on the soft tyres was an exciting thing that deserved the best of Michael Schumacher, taking into account the consistency of performance that it was able to apply. For nearly 30 laps, On the softest compound it can bethe world champion hit between 1’25” 5 and 1’25” 8, without breaking through a 1’26” wall. Things only champions can do, and he falls into that category.

There was a time when Carlos Sainzwho cleared the traffic after an excellent return, took a second and a half from the son of Joss, Although using a medium frame That in the long run it should have ensured an advantage for those who chose to wear it.

The superiority of the world champion was really impressive, now the appearance of the world is truly one step away. In Singapore, Super Max can close accounts, but to do so he will have to earn at least 24 points Charles LeclercThey are 15 years old Sergio Perez and 7 and beyond George Russell. Most likely, the championship race will end in Japan, an embarrassing confrontation considering that after Suzuka there will still be four rounds at the end of the championship.

Verstappen, another record after Monza

Max Verstappen was never on the Monza podium, due to uncompetitive cars or bad luck That made him vulnerable in the past. The Italian Grand Prix that ended a few hours ago allowed him to break that taboo, and now his second world title is one step away.

Monza was the eleventh victory of the season, reaching -2 of their joint record Michael Schumacher e Sebastian Vettelwho in 2004 and 2013 was thirteen years old, setting the absolute record for stage wins obtained in one year.

Verstappen is now ahead of Charles Leclerc Which corresponds to 116 points, and after sixteen races, no one had such a margin of second in the standings. This is the all-time record, and further evidence of the impressive supremacy this man has boasted this season.

Another curious fact related to his points in the ranking. The Super Max is 335 years old, while last year he became the world champion with a score of 395.5. That means it was only 60 points from last year, but in 2022 there are still six races to run and 164 points to award, also taking into account the fastest laps and the Interlagos Sprint Race which will give 8 points to the winner.

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The numbers determine the strength of the Dutchman, who was with a team like Red Bull Today the landscape can really be thought about for a long time. The regulations will remain the same until the end of 2025, after which the new power units will be introduced. Super Max has three seasons to increase his tally, and competitors will have to work hard to fix the gap.