Olympia Milan, here is Metro Long, Baron and Davis: “Here to win together”

Milan unveils the first deals for the new season. Stavropolos: “They are players we chased after. With them we will ride a selling spree outside the forum”

Three good men. Milan unveils its first summer purchases of the new season. They are Naz Metro Long, 29, former Brescia playmaker, Billy Baron, 31, former goalkeeper and shooter of Zenit St Petersburg and Brandon Davies, 31, former Barcelona centre. Giemme Christos Stavropoulos introduces them: “They are players we chased after all last season. Barron and Davies have Euroleague experience and will help us grow. Metro has not played at this level yet but with talent and determination he will find after him. We are satisfied, we have achieved all our market goals. We have built a team 16 players and 16 players to go deeper and give everyone a rest with a spin. We’re going to have a fun squad. And we want to ride the sold-out wave of the Forum during the recent Scudetto Finals with proposals for ticket packages that mix the Euroleague and the Championship. On the pitch, goals remain As it is: winning it all in Italy and qualifying for the Euroleague qualifiers with the goal of reaching the fourth final again.”

Ugandan Brandon

The big man is Davies, a player who has gone the same way as Kyle Hines: “I am happy to be back in Italy. Seven years ago in Varese, I was on my first full experience outside the US – says the center who got the Ugandan passport and became a Mormon at college BYU -.I was young and inexperienced.Over time I grew technically and mentally and now I am ready to take this professional challenge at the right club for me to make another quantum leap in the Euroleague after two failed passes in the Final Four.I wanted an opportunity like this, coach Messina told me I had the talent and fitness The physicality to help the team win. Sharing the locker room with Hines is a great honor. I will be able to learn from one of the most famous players.”

Billy E. Jimmy

“After nine years professionally in Europe, I feel the need to win – says Baron with an open smile and clear thoughts about the immediate future – and I don’t think there is a better place to do that than Milan. It was easy for my wife and I to come here. We love everything. In Milan.Then I found many experienced companions who arrive early and leave the gym late.Good example for everyone.My role model has always been my brother Jimmy,who is five years older.Now he is retired but also played for a long time in Europe,passing through Rome too. As a player I started as a player in college, then developed as a goalkeeper by learning to shoot from dribbling.”

Naz and the present

“This is my second season in Italy, it’s good to be here again – the Greek-Canadian manager comments -. Did I arrive late? I never look into the past, only the present is what matters. I have never played in the Euroleague, but the level of fitness in it does It scares me because I have played in different contexts such as the University of March Madness. I am confident that I will be able to meet expectations, as a player I can adapt to all situations, and in any case Messina told me to be myself on the field. This game is my life, it occupies me 24 hours a day. I arrived in Milan in time, our demand “together. We want to play and win as a team.” The news continues: Tomorrow at the same location in Milan Technogym Pangos, Tonut and Thomas will be presented. Then comes Voigtmann’s latest entry.