On September 25, Laura Macci inaugurated the Formula Women’s Championships at PalaBarbuto

Basket, Givova Old Star 2022: On September 25, Laura Macchi opens the Formula Women’s Championship at PalaBarbuto

Laura Macchi is ready to set a small record in Old Star history. The 2022 edition will be under the Givova brand the first with the “Women” formula, the athlete from Varese – a multi-titled in his twenty-plus years career in Italy with 29 successes between Scudetti, Italian Cups and Super Cups in Como and Schio, the long-standing pillar of the women’s team who was also Captain for his and two seasons in effect for the Los Angeles Sparks Women’s WNBA – She was the first woman to accept Ali Nava’s invitation to run on the field on Sunday, September 25 at 18:30 at PalaBarbuto.

It is a great satisfaction because these events usually have a masculine matrix: the fact that he thinks of me in the year he opens up about the presence of women is a source of pride. I’m going to play it with maximum enthusiasm: I’m very competitive in terms of character and always want to win, but Old Star is a joyous moment, as those on the field should enjoy entertaining those who come into situations.

Presale of tickets is available online on the Vivaticket website at the link http://www.vivaticket.com/it/Ticket/old-star-game-2022-il-ritorno-dei-miti-nel-derby-campano/188946 And at all points of sale approved in Italy with the formula “Special Price 10”. 1 ticket (ticket counter available on the website www.oldstargame.com) at the promotional price of 10 Euro (excluding commissions) under 18 1 Euro for all sectors.

For the fans there will be a possibility to join the squad of Napoli or Scafati by day 19 withexpertise By auction on the platform good stars. The fan who wins the award will be able to EXPERIENCE PASSION To take the field with Myths and play Givova Old Star Game 2022 with a Jacket Character.

end to end

She played in Naples in the 2018/19 season, which did not end however because Dyke withdrew from the tournament. What memories do you have of that old one?

“From a basketball point of view it was the most complex year, but at the same time one of the most beautiful years in my career in terms of the human side. Naples is a beautiful city, but above all our group was extraordinary: we dealt with common in the face of adversity but had a lot of fun” .

So the balance remains positive despite the fluctuations?

“Despite all the problems, starting with the fact that every day we didn’t know if there was still hot water in the house, we were flipping fourth with only 6 players; great months, even when the president pulled out at the end of January the team for 4 days We couldn’t leave town. At the end of training, we would order from the fish shop and have a group dinner to get everything out: the little girls might not have cared but for me it was 40. A great environment.”

Napoli in that year was not present in the men’s tournaments, but in only three years he returned to the Italian Serie A …

“In 2018, there was no men’s basketball that started again in the summer of 2019, but as a commentator for Eurosport I know very well the current reality under the leadership of President Grassi. Big cities like Naples need attractive facts: with the right projects and numbers, that’s enough. A little to revive the spark It is clear that in a city where football reigns supreme, right-clicking must be found to bring people to the stadium: the reality is different compared to what it was only 10-15 years ago, and today children have many possibilities.If Lane Greer arrives , to say the name of the player who remained in the heart of Naples, fills in the PalaBarbuto”.

And then there will also be a farewell party for Memo Morena..

“It will definitely be a special moment for Morena, and for me, I am from Varese, it will be a pleasure to celebrate his farewell to basketball with Mimmo. He played from 1995 to 1997 in Cagiva at that time in Serie A, and the curve dedicated a chorus to Macarena’s notes: “Raise your hands: And applaud them for Morena… Mimmo Morena!”. It was fun and prepared, and I always sang when I could hide in corners. Then I met Mimmo in Venice when I was playing at Reyer and his son was a young worker at Orogranata.”

What message are you sending for fans to come and follow the Givova Old Star game on September 25th?

“It’s a fun, interesting and well-organised event, and I’m sure the city will respond because it is very emotionally sensitive to this type of event. Then the name Santo Versace rhymes with solidarity, thanks to the charitable activity for the benefit of Officine Creativa-Made in Carcere, I was very touched by the fact That he called me after agreeing to play Givova Old Star Game 2022: This message was ‘They told me you’re a female Dino Meneghin’ that made me fall off my seat.