Openjobmetis folds Verona into a friendly

The Colbey Ross 15 basket of the final siren gives Openjobmetis the first win of the tournament in red and white and, at the same time, the “Memorial Brusinelli” final in Trento. Varese withdraws by just one point, 85-84, Tizenis Verona, the newly promoted Serie A team has broken the ice after three KOs with Euroleague teams “in their pockets” so far. (Photo D. Montigiani / Pall. Varese)

As the score shows, it wasn’t easy for Brase to beat the Ramagli-led gun. In fact, after an excellent start at Varese (11-3), it was Scaligera who made the match in the first 20 minutes, even finishing at +10 with 54 points attached to a red and white defense yet to be scored. Also due to the continued absence of Tariq Owens, in Trentino with his teammates and returned to training, but they remained rested during the match.

Because of a very poor first game at the back, Ferrero and his teammates raised the pace of their defense after the break, conceding only 15 points to their opponents. In attack, on the other hand, he found an excellent Brase Woldetensae who led his teammates. At 5′ OJM (Reyes for 59 doubles and 15-4 partial) tied first, then held out until 68-68 of 30′.
In the last period, it was Markel Brown who gave Varese attacking speed, but the result remained in constant balance; In the running race Yaron Johnson failed the free throws to +3, Verona responded with a basket of Cassarin to move forward by one point. Ross then made a quick penetration but left 15″ for Tizenis on the last shot, which Anderson took and ended up on the barbell.

Also on this occasion Varese suffered a rebound as well due to the absence of Owens (for the yellow and blue there was no Selden) but this time he shot very well from distance (except Johnson 2/10). Ross made an excellent contribution in attack with 8 assists while the team missed from the streak, only 44% which could have been fatal. So, on Sunday evening, Openjobmetis will play a four-corner final against the winner from Trento-Napoli.

(27-23; 53-43; 68-68)

Smith 14, Cappelletti 9, Holman 4, Casarin 3, Johnson 13, Imbrò 10, Candussi 15, Rosselli 7, Anderson 3, Udom 6. Ne: Selden, Ferrari. Ramgli flocks.
miscellaneous: Ross 14 (2-5, 3-4), Woldetensae 17 (1-2, 5-10), De Nicolau (0-1 of 3), Reyes 7 (2-3, 1-2), Librezi, Virginia 3 (1-2 of 3), Ferrero (0-1 of 3), Brown 17 (2-6, 4-9), Caruso 10 (4-6), Johnson 17 (4-8, 2-10). Ni: Kwasi, Blair. Bryce herds.
the reviewer: Bartoli, Bettini and Vanzani.
note. From 2: Friday 26-46, Virginia 15-30. From 3: Friday 4-18, Virginia 16-39. Tl: Fri 20-25, Va 7-16. Rebounds: Father 47 (16 off, X Johnson 10), Va 31 (11 off, born 7). Auxiliary: Ve 8 (Imbrò 2), Va 16 (Ross 8). Missed: Ve 20 (4 with 3), Va 15 (4 with 3). Retrieved: Ve 7 (Udom 3), Va 12 (J. Johnson, Wolde 3). Director 5 Errors: Reyes.