Formula 3, Champion Victor Martins 2022. The race of features at Monza belongs to Maloney

In a race full of emotions, it was enough for the Frenchman from ART to finish the Monza Feature Race in fourth place. Maloney won the race, with Berman and Crawford on the podium. Today, F1 GP at 3pm LIVE on Sky After Formula 2, a file Formula 3 has his own Model 2022: Around … Read more

Locatelli ko, Rabbit is in danger

Turin – Double tiles for Massimiliano Allegri That, on the front injurieshe really has no peace: in tonight’s match against Salernitana, he must give up both Manuel Locatelliwho suffers from muscle fatigue, both M Adrien RabiotHe has already returned from an ankle injury that forced him past Fiorentina and is now suffering from some of … Read more

Hitler’s formula 1

We are in the middle of the weekend Formula 1 Grand Prix from Italy, which was raced exactly a century ago – with a few rare exceptions – at the Monza circuit, near Milan. In fact, it was in 1922 when racing cars first appeared to us today before the flood – but they flew … Read more

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It will showcase Formula 1 cars, motorcycles and legendary cars in the middle

Turin will soon become the sports car capital. From Wednesday 7 September to Sunday 11 September, the day the 100th Italian Grand Prix takes place at Monza, the first edition of Autolook Week will take place in the heart of downtown, the outdoor festival created to celebrate motorsports. “Autolook Week celebrates motorsport and the exploits … Read more

Frecce Tricolori at Monza for the Italian F1 GP / Live video streaming over the net

Show Frecci Tricolor all over the world. Today, Sunday 11 September 2022, to be renewed inMonza National Race Track The firm union between Formula 1 and theair forces. In fact, the flight over the Italian autodrome is a traditional designationMoreover, it is very much appreciated by those who love the world of cars and aviation. … Read more

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Winner and podium (GP Monza 2022)

Sunday with direct formula 1 And the MonzaBecause of 2022 Italian Grand PrixRound 16 of the World Championship: The highly anticipated Italian stage is more exciting than usual marking the centenary of the construction of the racetrack, the home of speed and Ferrari. At Monza you can hear the roar of the engines on the … Read more

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“Even a good 2-2 game. There’s rage, you have to materialize when you get the chance.” © Photo at After the first knockout in the league, he arrived at noon against Ternana, the master Fabio Picchia He commented on the match against Parma in a press conference: “From 67” on the occasion of 2-2 we were a bit separated, until then we had the match that we had to … Read more

Formula 1 – Ferrari wants to eliminate the performance gap between qualifying and racing

The seventeenth pearl. pole position Charles Leclerc got Monza Monaco is allowed to tie the score Max Verstappen which cannot be properly defined as Mr Iconic moment in F1: the time trial attack. The Ferrari driver also wowed the Italian fans thanks to the perfect teamwork done in collaboration with a generous person Carlos Sainz … Read more

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After Rome, isn’t Rovigo the most important city in Italy? Rugby miracles

Rovigo – “It Happens – Says Ivan Malvato, who together with Willy Rovisi and Antonio Livero sponsor the much-anticipated rugby fair. The city of Rovigo is in a fray ”(Promoted by the Casa de Risparmeo de Padua and Rovigo, at Roncal Palace from October 22, 2022 to January 29, 2023 ) – to travel abroad … Read more

Benetton, Nicotera: “Against Edinburgh, the goal is not to make more than 7-8 fouls”

The Lions hooker analyzes what has worked and what needs to be improved after the match against Edinburgh Benetton, Nicotera: “Against Edinburgh, the dominant herd. The goal is not to make more than 7-8 fouls” (F Sebastiano Pesina) An important victory for Benetton, in a friendly match against Edinburgh, not because of the result itself, … Read more