Preparing farewell with Dara Rollins?

to Special Pavel Nedved We hardly know some details, about the long wave of old videos that could have been circulating on social networks, before a crisis erupted Juventus.

From her long marriage, we have learned to appreciate the discretion and sober and detached style she adopted Pavel and his wife Ivana (who chose to name their kids after them) with just some gossip in a long-term relationship that spanned decades and broke up without much fanfare recently. Today he has the singer by his side Dara Rollinswhich can also reach a career turning point.

The split inside Juventus

Today, the internal division in society seems palpable (and not very much in line with juventus style from the past, to tell the truth) Behind the field problemsRelationships with the Vice President are also becoming interesting, they are important because they direct and adjust his investments and seal even aspects that may have previously been underestimated.

With the new partner according to Mahi was runningAnd the Nedved He designed an important purchase on Lake Maggiore, A I read itAcross 50% registered company with Dara Rollins. In short, it diversifies investments but at a very delicate stage, where they follow each other Rumors Also about his future presence in the company, years after his tenure as Vice President.

Will they soon start work on a new house or perhaps an important building, given that the land will be buildable? And if it’s a palace for their use, it’s kind of Nice retreat?

Nedved’s new investments

A romantic choice, sure but far from Turin, which is where the football drama taking place that has led fans and critics to debate Massimiliano Allegricoach, to emphasize the trust in time as well as the dispute between Pavel Nedved, Specifically, the president Andrea Agnelli (His friend and admirer) in crisis management.

The director had been acquitted AllegriAccording to rumors lambs He offered to the board of directors or whoever invests in the company to postpone the effective decision until the Friday meeting. Maybe the deputy is ready to change life?

Source: ANSA

Who is Dara Rollins, the companion of the Vice President of Juventus

The sudden appearance of the famous videos, in which the director could also have recognized, would have happened at a certain time, a coincidence that aroused the doubts of some commentators who stressed the “when”.

The origin of these bargaining videos, from which everything starts off the field and which embarrass Juventus (nothing official: no communication about it) it’s not at all obvious but what you’re seeing is some kind of private party with a guy who looks Nedved Engaged in ballet, groping and even stunning.

Situations that are not very similar to the image of the public man who built the previous Ballon d’Or over the years of his career as a football player and then as a manager.

We said that confidentiality on the part of NedvedIt is the number that has always distinguished his career at Juventus. But that doesn’t always apply to his alleged partner, at least on social media.

On .’s Instagram account Dara Rollins (a celebrity authentic in his homeland), as well as some shots of his Italian vacation back this summer, accompanied by his dancing friends: some photos you will also see at the stadium, marking the Juventus move. Marassi in the match against Sampdoria. Indifference continues to triumph over the rest.

Suspects after the draw and the Italian League

Despite the almost simultaneous spread of the three contents, it is difficult to confirm with absolute certainty when these videos are circulating on social media which will see the date of the Juventus manager’s participation:N mission 2022 There were several moments when Nedved was intercepted with the new alleged partner.

on me Lake Como and also on the beach in Los Angelesthe places of their history seem numerous and indirectly confirm their repetition: there are those who immediately verify the authenticity of these joint footage and see them in emotional situations.

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