Presented by Dolomiti Energia Trentino, the eighth “Gianni Brusinelli” monument

Three years after the last time due to the pandemic, the monument to Gianni Brusinelli is back: now in its eighth edition, again this year the usual pre-season appointment will allow Juventus fans to see a “preview” of the new Dolomiti. Energia Trentino, ready to take on the new season that will see her engage for the ninth consecutive year in Serie A and for the seventh time in the 7DAYS EuroCup.

In the BLM Group Arena to challenge the Bianconeri, winners of the last three editions of the tournament that remember one of the fathers of basketball Trentino, on Saturday and Sunday there will be three Italian teams ready to take on the highest category: GeVi Napoli, Tezenis Verona and Opengopmetis Varese.

On Saturday afternoon at the BLM Group Arena, TRUST Aquila Basket is organizing a snack for the fans where it will be possible to meet the players of the first team (and then take part in the semi-finals at 20.30) and register for the Juventus Supporters Union. The time is 5:30 pm outside the building.

the program

Saturday 17th September, BLM Group Arena

18.00, Tizenis Verona vs. Open Jobs Varese
8.30 p.m., Dolomiti Energia Trentino vs. Jiffy Napoli

Sunday, September 18, BLM Group Arena

18.00, place 3-4 final
At 20:30, 1st and 2nd place

Admission to two days of Memorial Brusinelli is included in season tickets for the 2022-23 season: tickets are available at the Eagle Store at Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, 20 and online at The cash desks will open in the hall at 17.00.

LUIGI LONGHI (CHAIR OF DOLOMITI ENERGIA BASKETBALL TRENTINO): “The return of the Brusinelli Monument marks not only the return of competitive sport to the arena, but a tribute to someone who means so much to the sport of Trentino and basketball. If not for Gianni Brusinelli, we would not be here today. Gianni was deeply marked in the history of Aquila Basket: at that time the club played in different categories, but the seriousness, respect for the rules and the people inside the club did not differ. Some coaches and managers have not met with Brusinelli for “personal” reasons, but we try to carry on the tremendous values ​​he conveyed to us day in and day out. This is a tournament that belongs to us, it is part of our DNA and the whole club.”

Emmanuelle Molin (Dolomiti coach ENERGIA BASKET TRENTINO): “The team feels the importance of this event in identifying and realizing the opportunity to perform for the first time of the season at our stadium and in front of our fans. There is a great desire to do well, we are in the process of doing, but we have had good tests in recent weeks. “We are still far from the level of effectiveness and quality we aspire to, but the most important thing is to see a growing team on the field and continue to develop. We must be ready later. The opponents in these two days? Let’s start with Naples, which in the meantime brings Jakouri Williams back to Trento as a competitor.” “He’s a player he is fond of, whom Juventus fans appreciate, albeit at a distance because of Covid, in his season in our shirt because of him. Generosity and talent. The team is in keeping with the tactical dictates of coach Maurizio Boscaglia, a group characterized by great athleticism and individual ability. Verona and Varese, having “They have changed a lot, they are also looking for the right harmony on the field. We will go out on the field to do our best and show qualities and values ​​that our fans can appreciate.”