Rangers – Napoli 0-3 in the Champions League: goals from Politano, Raspadori and Ndombele

After 0-0 in the first half, Zelensky missed two shots from 11 metres, and Azzurri (with the extra man to kick out the sand) had another one that Politano converted. Then, Raspadori and in the final Ndombele

Napoli drops the trio at Rangers, confirms its solidity, and leads the group ahead of Ajax and Liverpool. Politano decided a second-half penalty and the newlyweds went into Raspadori and Ndombele as if to prove that Azzurri had hit the Scots in the wings before sending them out by knockout with a one-two terrifying kick-started by Sands’ dismissal (of which Zelensky’s first missed penalty was born). Then Ndombele put the finishing touches on the cake, in the recovery period, as if to confirm that the blue team has a team capable of competing on several fronts. Now Spalletti is arriving at full speed for Sunday’s Scudetto at San Siro against Milan.

Question and Answer

Spalletti rated ‘titolarissimi’, with the exception of Simeone (first appearance since the start in the Champions League) for the injured Osimene, which shows how much he cares about this match. A special atmosphere between the magic of Ibrox, the absence of the Azores fans, the mourning for the death of Queen Elizabeth (memorialized by a dance of choreography) under which the hymn of the heroes except for the British was played. Van Bronckhorst tried to start strong and his team almost scored a few seconds after the header with Morelos, but in the second minute Zielinski had already hit the post to confirm Napoli’s character. Blue proactive – as always – even if with Rahmani and Kim often “high” some physiological risks emerged (see straight from outside of Arfield well preserved by Meret). On the left lane Mario Roy constantly offered an interesting solution for Kravatskhelia, on the right Politano often isolates himself in one-on-one as he likes to do, but Zielinski was always the one who turned on the light (his assistant pass to Simeone “” by adult Mc Gregor from Age 40 at 17′ in low outlet). In short, high rhythms and chances on both sides with Lobotka just a bit out of the game in Naples (he grew as the minutes went by) who built well for the trocar but missed in a jab (only on the right side of Krava in recovery) and had to make some frantic sprints back for the first part entire.

three for one

The scenario did not change at the start of the second half with a goal from each side in the first four minutes and Napoli a little more cautious as if calling in the Scots to attack that did not retreat. A move that worked because Simeone found himself with plenty of space in the center of the house and at 10′ he got a penalty which also led to Sands being sent off, McGregor saved Zielinski’s penalty but on Politano rejected he rushed with a left-handed to one to zero. It will be rebuilt because MacGregor moved first and Politano was already in the area at the time of the rebound. On the second attempt, Zielinski failed again, this time kicking poorly at half height. Naples did not break away, taking advantage of the numerical superiority and rejecting Barisic a strong right of Kravaskilia with his hand in the area. From eleven meters Politano crossed the corner. In short, on the third attempt, Napoli took the lead and from that moment tried to sting again more than the management: Kravaszhelia had the opportunity to put the score in the refrigerator early before Raspadori practically closed. Disagreement after the procedure has been completely signed through changes since it was opened by Ndombele and completed by Olivera. Ndombele himself then took the personal joy of the 0-3 final with his own central draw and thanks to countless valuable play from Anguisea.