Rare Venezia: introduced the new acquisition deal Yankuba Sima

Yankuba Sima, the new acquisition of Umana Reyer, was presented to the press this morning at Palasport Taliercio. These are his words:

I chose Venice because it was a huge challenge for me, a situation that allows me to take a step forward in my career. I arrived at one of the best clubs in Italy and I am grateful that he wanted me so badly, a team with ambitions to take more steps. I spent four years at a good level, with important experiences also at the European level, in Manresa. But for me, it’s important to have new triggers. I have a lot of motivation to try to compete and try to win. So I can’t wait to take on this challenge, to start this adventure, which for me is an important opportunity, and I believe that the team has the ability and capacity to do great things, both in Italy and in the European Cup, even if it will not be easy at all: we have to win every something on the field.

From a personal point of view, and given my young age, I must say that the veterans welcomed me very well. We have a lot of talent, but we need to know how to make the most of it. We have already shown, in these first editions, some flashes of what we can become. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but I believe that by working as we do now, we will be able to get a lot of satisfaction this year.


One of the keys to success, for any kind of team, is the common mindset of the players. I came here because I want to compete and win as a team. Basketball is not an individual sport. I’m going to do my best every day, and have the best mentality possible for the team, because the only thing that matters this year, for me and my teammates, is to make the team succeed. And then every top team has a long roster, so naturally there’s an internal competition. But the most important thing is to face each day with maximum commitment and work as hard as possible to achieve the goals of the team.

new adventure

This new step forward in my career is a great opportunity for me, because it will be the first time I have played outside of Spain, the first time I have played in a major competition like the European Cup, and the first time I can help a team win. I am a team player, I put myself at the disposal of my teammates and coach, so I want to be part of this team to achieve the highest goals possible and above all do whatever is asked of me.
I’ve talked a lot with the coach and staff about what Rare is. And then, having received information directly from the participants, I conducted research on the club, the company and the way of working here that is very much in line with who I am: the desire to improve, the mentality, the will to reach important goals and make oneself available for something great and common.

The difference between field and daily life

It all starts with my competitiveness: the playing field is my ground and there, obviously in a figurative sense, you either get hit or you get hit. So it all starts with motivation and a great desire to succeed on the field, as there is only one way to do it: to put on aggressiveness, intensity, and the desire to outsmart the opponent. On the other hand, off the court, I think I am a very ordinary person, and I like to live in a calm and polite way.