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After Max Verstappen’s five consecutive victories, it’s already time at Ferrari to plan ahead, with an eye toward the end of the season.

Ferrari is preparing to face the final six stages of the 2022 World Championships with a clear will: to win again and end the year with dignity. A team like Cavallino always has to do their best, especially now that we have nothing more to lose and expectations are waning and the pressure on the riders too. Singapore may be the right stage to get back to the first step on the podium. Since the night of September 22, 2019, Sebastian Vettel’s last victory in red, almost three years have passed and not many things have changed.

Ferrari Sainz Leclerc (Ansa Pictures)

After the double in the Asian city, in the hotly contested SF90, fans had to wait two and a half years for a new victory. The road, in 2022, appears to have been cleaned up with Leclerc and Sainz on the spot in Bahrain. Thanks to the debut result, many imagined a big comeback for the Scuderia, thanks to the new ground-impact cars. The base F1 winged car – 75 proved to be a project that has been guessed since pre-season testing. Light and nimble in mixed sections and with good boost, the result of technicians working on the new Superfast engine. In Jeddah, Verstappen was able to respond to Leclerc’s initial sharpness, but with great effort and only in the final stages of the race. The certainty of Maranello’s new single-seater has arrived in Australia. A landslide win and +46 points over Max Verstappen.

The Mercedes W13 and RB18 reliability problems made Ferrari seen as the favorite for the 2022 World Championship. Even Max Verstappen raised the white flag, noting that it was unreasonable to close such a gap in the standings, within a few races. Already in the following races, the Scuderia showed clear cracks, which ended up squandering a clear advantage in a short time. The rest was caused by technical malfunctions, pilot errors and strategic disasters. Max built an ever-widening advantage, on the sound of wins in quick succession. The Dutchman’s fifth win in a row reached Monza and the pace changed in the summer. In theory, the Singapore track should fit the characteristics of F1 – 75.

Ferrari latest developments

Red must respond to technical innovations to compete. Max Verstappen was confirmed as champion, but the technicians based in Milton Keynes were also exceptional. The RB18 weight loss diet has made it more competitive in all types of circuits. It’s more efficient and has more stable downforce when cornering, and tire wear has been reduced. On the other hand, Ferrari began to “eat” vehicles very quickly. Binotto admitted that the chassis he brought to Paul Ricard at the French Grand Prix didn’t work. There was a step back to take the two forward in hopes of breaking Red Bull’s dominance. The budget cap, reports, still allows for two major updates to the F1 – 75. The first development should already reach Singapore in the bottom and wing areawhile the next round could appear in Mexico in the last three rounds of the season.

An extreme attempt, invoked by the pilots, could make defeat, now certain, less bitter. Red Bull Racing holds both world championships. The so-called exclamation point arrived at Monza, concluding a dominant season. Gus’ technical son scored 11 season successes, and Michael Schumacher’s and Sebastian Vettel’s 13-win record began to shake. With six more rounds available, the previous number is 33, today no. 1 of the network, has the opportunity to make history. It will be up to Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz to try and upset the Red Bull Racing champion. Mercedes appears to be more withdrawn in the fight despite advancing in the second stage of the championship. It’s not clear how much the anti-porpoise steering, introduced at Spa-Francorchamps, will affect W13 growth and F1’s downhill – 75. At least in qualifying, Ferrari is still competitive. For Leclerc, the 18th pole, on the Singapore track, could be crucial.

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That is the hope of Ferrari fans who were disappointed at Monza by the final race behind the SC. F1, great salute to Enzo Ferrari: All fans are excited. The Marina Bay Citizen is a great opportunity to come back to win the Grand Prix. It’s a track where overtaking is always very complicated. Red’s latest success dates back to July 10, Austrian GP. Formula 1, Briatore demolishes Ferrari: His criticism is too harsh. The developments could bring joy to Ferrari fans. The simulations are excellent, all that remains is to predict 2023. According to Binotto, next year’s car is growing well, but the Maranello team leaders have made a lot of claims.