“Ready to be the leader of Openjobmetis”

Its qualities on parquet have already been revealed on a Sardinian expedition. At Cagliari – which Openjobmetis concluded with defeats to AC Milan and Panathinaikos – Jaron Johnson immediately highlighted his qualities by placing two “fans” on the score sheet (20 against the red boot and 21 against the Greeks), but he also shows many qualities across the board. In defense knows how to adapt against more opponents physical From him and in the attack he showed that he is not afraid to take responsibility as a leader.

And after a good job on the field, Johnson did well in front of the microphones, making his appearance on Wednesday 14th September at Agricola Home on Via Pisna in Varese.

The owner of Agricola opened the meeting, Giacomo Brusa: «I would like to thank Varese Basketball who, as usual, chooses our site to introduce their players. It is good to find ourselves among our plants that we grow with the same passion with which we support this company. We find ourselves in the same values ​​that this city has for basketball.”

I General Manager of Openjobmetis Micheal Arcieri He stresses the importance of Johnson’s arrival: “We want to thank Agricola for their support over the years. Yaron is a complete player, very talented and does great things on both sides of the field, especially with his physique and athletic style. We are delighted to have him here and even coach Brass gave his word after already coaching him.”

jaron johnson basketball openjobmetis varese

king Matt Brass He offers the first photo of red and white No. 92: “I’ve already trained him and I’m happy to have him on my team. A talented striker and solid defensive player, he has a great passion for the sport. This will allow us to raise the level of the team and you will see the great contribution that he will also make to the personality of the leader. I am very happy to have him here and we can’t wait to see him on the pitch this season.”

“We can use Garonne in many different ways on the field – explains the white and red coach – especially in defense, changing the exposed positions, also because for me there are no pre-defined roles on the field. In attack he has great talent and excellent fundamentals and he can be an important element for us, because you know that for me there are no pre-set roles on the pitch.”

Finally, just a word Jaron Johnson: “I am honored to be here and to be part of this company. I arrived in Italy after other experiences abroad, and I also wanted to test myself in this league and can’t wait to start the season. I invite everyone to the building to stay close to us. Obviously, the presence of Coach Brass brought me here: I’ve kept in touch with him over the years and that was one of the main points of my decision to come here. Against Olympia was a good test, even if we knew they were a Euroleague team, but we did well.”

“Over the years – explains Jaron, explaining his role on the team – I have developed the ability to be a leader. I believe I am ready to fill this role, and set an example for my teammates. I haven’t had much time to go around Varese yet, I just took a tour of Lake Como but I plan to get to know the city better in the coming months.”

So the words that really matter, as well as thick, were his first minutes on the field. Now red and white fans can’t wait to see Johnson in action live, hoping the kind words spent will follow the facts on the pitch.