Rimini Rugby, 8 Free Junior Training Sessions

back to sports e Rimini rugby Ready to start over in a big way: da Tuesday 20 September In Rivabella’s field training, activities, events and projects begin again in the name of the oval.

From children under seven to adults, Rivabella Camp is reopening to all. From 17 to 18, the very young will train – girls and boys under 11, from 18 to 19:30 under 13, under 15 and under 17, while from 19:30 to 21 it will be the role of adults, under 19 and senior. The full training calendar can be found on the website www.riminirugby.com

Back to Sports – 8 free exercises for people born between 2005 and 2016

with the project Back to sports The municipality of Rimini, even those who have never played rugby and would like to try playing, will be at their disposal Eight days of free training, with RiminiRugby’s FIR trainers. Anyone born between 2005 and 2016, and residing in Rimini, can try it out. And if rugby is dazzling and you decide to sign up, #BacktoSport also offers the possibility for families to request reimbursement of annual fees: just submit an application to the municipality who will assess the application on the basis of ISEE.

Sports suitable for children

can play rugby from 4 years. For the little ones, there are different guidelines and rules than the “olds” to play, grow and have fun together, under the watchful eyes of coaches, trained by the Italian Rugby Union (FIR), experts and ready to manage even the youngest athletes. The only requirements are curiosity and a desire to connect with an exciting sport for girls and boys, girls and boys, made with passion, commitment, respect, friendship and values ​​that are the same on the field and in real life.

A year of free sports in Zone 5

There will also be moments of celebration: the date that will be marked on the calendar is a date Saturday 24 September For the wonderful kickoff party for the “Q5, Sports to Generate Community” project, kicking off a year of free sports and disciplines in which RiminiRugby, the leader, along with PGS Rimini won the National Sports and Health Competition.

the project that It will start on October 1 Provides free sports and movement activities to all citizens of Rimini, especially Zone 5, without differences of age, gender and ability. There will be morning activities with schools and free sports or extracurricular specialties in the afternoon, of your choice. On the company’s website, all the details

Join the project: Polisportiva Sportinmente asd; Torre Pedrera Falcons Lion; Polysportiva Free Community Torrent Frisbee SDF Asd; Circolo della Spada, Rimini; Education Association; UNIBO Almamater Bologna Dep. quality of life; Serpieri Scientific Secondary School; Ec Fermi Isis Einaudi Parish of Santa Maria Marie; regional scout groups; Voluntarimini and the Municipality of Rimini

Anyone who is impatient to wait until September 20 can find it Rimini Rugby also at StreetPark of Santarcangelo, September 17-18. Rugby players of all categories will be at the disposal of those who want to catch an oval and get close to rugby, in an atmosphere of real celebration.

For information and registration, Inforugby activates these numbers:
333 7412261 (Alipio) 331129 84477 (Andrea) 338 8557256 (Rocco)